Fall fishing off the South Carolina coast means more forgiving temperatures out on the water than in the full-on summer sun. It also means there are exciting opportunities to catch fish in the coral, rocks, and ledges where some of the larger game fish hide. Sheepshead, in particular, is a cooler-water friendly species. Live bait like fiddler crab and shrimp are taken readily when dangled alluringly around structures offshore.

Spotted seatrout is most commonly caught in the months between October and January. Fall is the ideal time for hunting thesefall fishing tips charleston, sc beauties because the temperatures have not yet dropped far enough to discourage them from biting. Like sheepshead, sea trout are structure-oriented and tend to collect near oyster beds.

Fish Found During the Fall

Deep sea fishing will bring in red snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish, and grunts this time of year. Cut squid is a good choice for those species. In the fall, the water tends to clear a bit, making visibility better as the algae die off. Although redfish are normally found closer inshore, they tend to move out in the fall months. Sharks are a popular species to hunt this time of year. Large sharks are more active as the temperatures drop, making them easier to target.

Rigs and Lures for Fall Fishing

Cooler weather means larger schools, and since prey species are becoming more scarce this time of year, fish are hitting harder on live baits and even on some lures and rigs. You can try a variety of rigs and lures to see what works for the species you’re going after. Talk to your captain and crew to find out what’s been working and what species are hitting in which areas. Fall fishing off the South Carolina shore is an exciting opportunity, a time to enjoy cooler temperatures and hard-hitting fishing adventures.