Cancellation Policy

Disclaimer: While we at Wahoo Fishing Charters try our best to 1) keep our vessels neat, clean, tidy and organized 2) accurately describe our boats 3) accurately describe our services and normal customer experience, we can not and do not warrant or guarantee, in any way 1) that any particular feature or system of any boat will be in working order 2) the overall condition of any vessel 3) that any particular kind of fishing will be attempted (either trolling or bottom fishing, etc…the captain will decide what kind of fishing will be done based on circumstances) 4) that any particular species will be caught or targeted.

Furthermore, clients understand and recognize that 1) if any reservation is canceled by the client more than 30 days in advance of the departure date a full refund will be granted 2) if the client cancels a reservation inside 30 days but more than 7 days prior to the departure, the client forfeits their 50% deposit 3) if a client cancels their reservation inside seven days they are responsible for the full payment of the charter 4) once the client is on the boat and the boat leaves the dock, no client is entitled to any discount or any refund for any reason whatsoever. By completing this booking you are indicating you have read and agree to these terms.