Deep Sea Fishing on the Wahoo!

48 Feet, Smooth Ride, Plenty of Space

Disclaimer: As all of our vessels are full time charter boats, we can make no guarantee as to operation or condition of any particular feature or appointment. Our crews are constantly fixing items and areas broken during charters. We will NEVER leave the dock if any dangerous conditions exist, but certain features may be temporarily inoperable, certain areas may be temporarily unusable, and occasionally certain areas my not be as tidy as we would like them to be, until such time as the crew can get around to completing maintenance.

About The Wahoo!

The Wahoo has been tearing up the Charleston, Virginia Beach, Outer Banks and South Florida fishing grounds for nearly 30 years. Her incredibly clean prop wash allows for optimal billfish and Mahi sightlines, which explains her great fishing raising reputation. Not quite as big and heavy as Git R Done, so a little more economical.

Type: Ocean Yacht
Length / Weight: 48 foot, 37 Gross Tons
Air conditioned throughout
3 beds, 2 baths, full kitchen
Wrap around couch, 2 barrel chairs
94 sq ft cockpit
Mezzanine seating for 3 in cockpit
Pompannette fighting chair
18 rod holders