Swordfish Fishing

If you are a keen fisher, then an evening with the toughest Swordfish fishing in Charleston, South Carolina is the best bet. Charleston is among the best places for Swordfish fishing in Carolina and especially to catch swordfish in the Gulf Stream. Swordfish are regarded as one of the toughest of all predators and also hardest fighting fish in the world. They fight the sharks for food and they fight hard until they win. Adult swordfish could weigh up to 100 lbs net. Swordfish Fishing in Charleston will certainly be a thrilling adventure. Swordfish fishing is definitely not for beginners because they are powerful and are a bit hard to handle.

The best period for Swordfish Fishing Charleston is at twilight, but you could get lucky during the day. In Charleston, you will notice most of the vessels leaving the harbor for swordfish fishing early evening hours then coming back with a prize after midnight. Swordfish usually rise to the water surface to feast at night in dark water. A lucky night of swordfish is depended upon on how ideal is the lure and hookup. Now, fishing is hooked over long lines comprising of a main line backed in the water line by floats. They are used to check the baited clasp. The tactics employed to fish for swordfish include dead baits or drift fishing live, seldom a blend of live plus dead baits. The baits employed for catching swordfish are fresh squids, mackerel, live blue runners or other small fish. Remember, Swordfish use of sharp bills to harm their prey, and definitely will put up a good fight. Therefore, you need to be psychologically prepared for it.

Many times Swordfish come while the bill is swinging. This can be frightening to the leader man. However, you must keep constant advancing him toward the boat then gaff him by the gills. You can keep the body in the ocean for a moment, to bleed out ahead, take him on the boat but mind for Sharks. At times the Swordfish will have other Swordfish trailing them swimming around the vessel, therefore, be alert to throw another lure at them.  If you take the hook, be mindful of that swinging bill. A pair of gloves can come in handy in protecting you from his bill. Be ready if your fish jumps toward the boat as swordfish have been know to jump in the boat. It is not a great idea for everybody on the boat to crowd around captain’s mate at this time. They require room to move if the fish comes in the boat, particularly with a fish has a sharp bill.

Choose a hook in the 12/0 range. Some people are trying with big circle hooks.  E stainless J’s set to the fishing leader. Now squid hangs on the tag like on a hanger. You measure where it lies against the squid then reinsert the hook through the middle of the meat. A rig takes 15 seconds then swims very natural. If squids do not seem too fresh or washed out, you add red food coloring in a bucket with salt water in. You set this on your way when you’re alert to fish your lures will be soaked in the deep red color.  And of course live bait is a great option.

You can participate in many swordfishes Charleston tournaments held every year. if fishing in Charleston, Carolina follow the rules of swordfish fishing. The lower jaw fork must length be 47 inches. only one swordfish a person or three per vessel can be taken on a day. The best approach to indulge in swordfish fishing adventure is getting a charter boat. Epic Charters in Charleston offers a package that suit any budget. They will take you to the finest fishing grounds and ensure you get a prize. Most charter boats accommodate six anglers. Therefore, you can your family take along and friends to a swordfish fishing escapade.

Swordfish fishing is one of the most challenging things you can do in a lifetime!

For some, it’s a hobby, and for others, it’s a way of life. Swordfish are powerfully built fish that are chunky and incredibly strong. With large pectoral fins, a crescent shaped fin, and large eyes, and a massive sword bill on its front, the swordfish is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Their bill is not only dangerous but larger than both that of the sailfish and the marlin. Swordfish are some of the fiercest and strongest living things in the sea. Apart from their bony heads, they are mostly muscle. This is why swordfish fishing is so challenging– and appealing.

Check out these tips for daytime and night time swordfish fishing. Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced fisherman, swordfish fishing is a must when it comes to life experiences. There’s simply nothing else like it.

Swordfish Fishing

Daytime Fishing For Swordfish

If you’ve decided to take a charter out to try your hand at swordfish fishing in the day time, congratulations! It’s easier than fishing in night time for swordfish, but hooking a big one is still challenging. Here are some tips to help you land that prize swordfish.

  • Drop Carefully

You want to present the bait correctly in order to get the swordfish. The fight is part of getting the fish, but presenting the bait the right way will be an immense help. First, let out a third of your line at a time. Take up the slack between this letting out of the lines, keeping the leader stretched out behind the boat so it doesn’t tangle up with the main line. After the second taking up slack, the angler will drop to the bottom. When it hits the floor, retrieve the line as the boat is turned 180 degrees south and continue to retrieve the line. Drop again until the bottom when the line is perpendicular to the surface. Reel it up a few feet. Keeping the line vertical and dropping carefully will set you up for success.

  • Sew Your Bait

While everyone uses their own bait, using sewn together bait can be a successful strategy that really pays off. Many people use squid, but squid can also be taken off the hook very easily. Using sewn together dolphin bellies can be a great swordfish bait that doesn’t need to be replaced after every drop and has done very well.

  • Use Weight

Weights are going to help you get that drop down several thousand feet. Consider getting leads that can successfully drop through those deep waters. There’s also less chance of your weight being tangled with your main line.

  • Watch Your Tip

Swordfish fishing is difficult, but sometimes it’s as simple as can be. You need to watch the tip. The tip will communicate everything to you, so it’s important to learn what its movements mean. Learning to distinguish slight motions from having a 35 pound fish on the line when it comes to your tip will help you make the quick actions you need to.

Night Time Fishing for Swordfish

Swordfish fishing is particularly challenging when done at night! However, fishing at this time has distinct benefits. If the moon’s out and you’re fishing at night, it truly is a spectacular experience. Here are some tips for night time fishing.

  • Get Night Gear and Tackle

You’ll want the best night time gear and tackle to make the most of your trip. Always make sure you have a quality rod, quality reel, good braided line, a wind on leader, weights, lights, hooks, a fighting belt, stand up harness, landing gear, buoys, rigging baits, and a sea anchor. There’s no harm in being prepared!

  • Stay On Guard

Remember, you’re fishing at night. A lot of things could go wrong, potentially all at the same time. Be vigilant, stay on top of your lines, and just generally keep an eye out. Do NOT trust that everything will go perfectly no matter what you do.

  • Use Green Light Sticks

Swordfish are attracted to light, and using light sticks will help them see the bait. Use green as it works the best for long distances.

  • Stay Calm While Landing

If you land a swordfish, stay calm! You’ll need to be on top of the situation. Don’t panic if the swordfish makes a leap for the water once you’ve got him on the boat– expect it.

If you are interested in taking a Swordfish Fishing Epic Charter, it can be an incredible experience. Swordfish fishing is well worth the time and effort, so if you’re interested, look into a charter and see why so many people are ‘hooked’ on this incredible sport.