Summer offshore fishing on the Wahoo provides ample opportunities for exciting catches and capturing footage of wild encounters with the ocean’s biggest game fish. The summer heat drives some big game species deeper into the ocean, but plenty of action can be found when you’re fishing with an experienced crew.

The Big Boys Summer Offshore Fishing

Sailfish, and blue and white marlin are all a bit more scattered during the warmer months, because the shift in temperature allows them to stray further from the Gulf Stream. July and August offer the best shot at sailfish and marlin on your summer offshore fishing trip. Deeper waters offer better chances at these big game fish. While going after marlin and sails, anglers often also get hits from large mullet, ballyhoo, ladyfish and Spanish mackerel.

Good Eats

Dolphin (pronounced dole-fin), wahoo, and yellowfin tuna provide succulent grill steaks and are a favorite of many anglers who are seeking both a thrilling fight and to fill their coolers. Though not as large, on average, as sailfin and marlin, these fish are no slackers. Dolphin average 10-20 pounds, while the giant wahoo can run as large as 50 pounds. Yellowfin increase in size throughout the summer, with 45 pounders becoming common by late summer.

Fighting Chances

If what you’re really looking for is an exciting, water-breaking, rip-snorting good time, amberjack and barracuda provide some of the most action packed fishing you’ll see aboard the Wahoo. Your best bet is to go out with live bait after these monsters, as they get picky in the summer months.


Summer Offshore Fishing – Charleston, SC

The heat definitely affects the fishing opportunities, as fish tend to slow their feeding habits and go deeper. Experienced anglers often opt for overnight fishing to maximize the opportunities at the biggest fish during the cooler overnight hours. With a knowledgeable crew who knows where to find the fish, you can expect to take home a full cooler when you fish the Wahoo.