Summer temperatures tend to drive game fish into deeper waters, so going out with an experienced captain and crew for your inshore fishing trip is imperative. Your captain and crew will provide you with intimate knowledge of the best fishing spots which are crucial for your success. When you fish the Wahoo, you get not only a world-class experience with the top crew, you can be sure you’ll catch plenty of hard-fighting gamefish.

Inshore Fishing: Summer SpeciesInshore Fishing Charleston SC


Many of the game fish available inshore are hitting hard year-round, but a few are more easily accessible in summer, like flounder, ladyfish, sharks, and tarpon. Red drum are among the most sought-after fighting fish during the warmer months, and also some of the more difficult to locate. Once you hook one, though, you’re in for an exciting fight.

Live Bait vs Lures


Feeding patterns vary throughout the year. With food plentiful during the summer months, it’s important to entice fish with attractive baits. While lures may be effective for some species, live bait is the key for most inshore fishing.

Where the Fish are Hiding


The most effective strategy in the warmer summer months is to find a spot where oyster beds or shallower reefs are near a deeper area of water- providing both a good food source and deeper water cover where the fish can escape the heat of the day. Pilings, inlets, and shelves are excellent spots that offer fish plenty of cover. When you fish with us, we’ll patrol areas known to be frequented by some of the larger and harder-fighting inshore species so that you’ll have the best shot at that fight of a lifetime.