The warmer months are an exciting time to take a summer fishing charter in South Carolina. Our passengers know that the best way to locate the best fishing areas is to go out with an experienced, knowledgeable crew. The Wahoo crew knows that you want to catch big fish and plenty of them.

Summer Fishing: When You Should Go

Summer Fishing Charleston SCWhen we head out for tuna, dolphin, tarpon, redfish, and more, you can rest

assured you’ll enjoy the time of your life catching some of the largest, hardest-fighting fish you’ve encountered. Summer charters are most successful in the morning and evening hours when the temperatures drop and the fish are more active. Our overnight fishing package is the most popular in the summer, because it provides the most opportunities during the peak times.

Day trips are still desirable, though, since the Wahoo crew know where the fish hide and how to entice them out. Dolphin and black fin tuna tend to run in deeper water when the temperatures climb, but their voracious appetites and fast metabolism drive them to bite on the right baits. Looking for a fight? Tarpon are known for their spectacular leaps, flips, and tricks as they take your skills to the limit.

Late Summer Months


Later in the summer, the attention turns to marlin and sailfish. These large fighters provide an exciting challenge. Bottom fishing brings in the snapper, grouper, triggerfish and sea bass. Full day and overnight summer fishing charters provide a full cooler and plenty of opportunity for the catch of a lifetime. Your charter experience just depends on what you want to catch, your budget, and your time limitations. Don’t let the dog days of summer slow your fishing down. Fish the Wahoo, and discover South Carolina’s summer offshore bounty and have the trip of a lifetime!