The Thrills of Shark Fishing in Charleston, SC

There is no greater thrill than pulling a really aggressive fighting fish out of the surf or onto the deck and inshore salt water fishing offers some of the best opportunities to do just that. When you fish Charleston, you’ll be going after a wide range of species, from Mako sharks to dolphin tuna, all ready to give you the fight of your life.

Fishing the Wahoo

Whether you choose to fish from shore, or take a day-long charter ride on our well-appointed

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Inshore Saltwater fishing tour heading out from Charleston, SC

yacht, the Wahoo, you’ll enjoy the time of your life, catching some of the biggest, baddest fish the ocean has to offer. The Wahoo is our full size luxury yacht. It is completely outfitted with a kitchen, bedrooms for a quick nap during the heat of the day, and a lounge area complete with satellite television and radio so that you can pass the time in style. When you go out with the Wahoo crew, you can be assured that you’ll be using the very latest equipment to catch the largest possible fish, and weather permitting we’ll capture all the thrills and adventure on video, via specialized drones.

Surf Fishing


Inshore salt water fishing can be just as challenging. The fish closer to shore tend to be smaller. You won’t catch a huge sailfin from shore, but you can certainly hook a good-sized shark and bring it to the beach. The advantage of fishing from shore is convenience, but we feel that you miss out on much of the fishing experience if you don’t have the salt spray at your face and the excitement of hooking one of the oceans great monsters that can only be found in the deeper waters.

Catching Sharks

Catching a shark is no joke, as any experienced salt water angler can tell you. Bass fishing is nothing at all like hooking an excitable Mako or an enormous Great White. Whatever species we catch on your trip, the Wahoo crew is here to help you bring your prize to the deck and release it if necessary, depending upon the season and the species caught. When you’re ready for your next big fishing adventure, schedule your day on the waves with the Wahoo crew.  You’ll be glad you did.