What should you expect when coming offshore fishing aboard the Wahoo? First of all, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, professional staff. Take a moment to get to know your captain- remember that he’s the one who will be finding you the fish you’re going after, and he’s a wealth of knowledge. Whether you’re an experienced deep sea angler or this is your first trip, you can always learn something new.Offshore Fishing Charleston, SC

Offshore Fishing Aboard the Wahoo

The boat itself is 50 feet of comfort, so the ride out to the fishing area (which can take a couple hours) will fly by. With full air conditioning, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen if you want to prepare a snack, a huge living room, sectional pull out sofa, coffee table, two barrel chairs, satellite TV and stereo, you can relax in comfort and chat with your boat mates and the crew.

The Offshore Fishing Experience

Once we’re out to sea, your experience will depend upon the package you’ve chosen. We offer full-day, overnight, and half-day trips. Full day and overnight trips allow for both trolling and bottom fishing, while half day fishing trips embrace one type or the other. Bottom fishing allows for a greater number of fish to be caught, but trolling brings in the large fighting fish. Your captain can help you set up your rigging, and if you’re new, learn to cast and handle your pole, depending on your skill level. Remember, there are no “dumb” questions! Deep sea fishing is an experience, and we want to be sure you get the most enjoyment possible.

Extras and Our Guarantee

Weather permitting, we will deploy drones and underwater cameras to capture unique footage of your day out. This is a special bonus that’s included in the price of your package. We also offer a guarantee- you will catch fish when you go out on the Wahoo. (Conditions apply, of course.)

Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Fish the Wahoo offers deep sea fishing experiences for you and your family and friends. If you want to take part in this once in a lifetime deep sea fishing experience, book your charter today from Fish the Wahoo! Visit us online or call 704-999-6597 for any questions or concerns.