Mahi Mahi Fishing

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Can you catch a mood ring; Perhaps if you went Mahi Mahi fishing?

Mahi Mahi are also know as a Dorado or dolphin fish although they are in no way related or even look like dolphins; but what makes catching these fish so exhilarating is their amazing display of color. These agile acrobatic game fish have striking colors and their colors change according to their level of anxiety or mood. Excited fish will actually glow or light up.

But what makes this type of fishing so enthralling is the fact that these fish are relatively easy to bait and catch. The best way to first experience Mahi Mahi fishing is to use a professional Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter. There is several fishing techniques used to catch Mahi Mahi and they include:


This is the most effective means of catching these fish. Once a school dolphin has been hooked it is left in the water close to the boat. What happens is that the remaining school will stay close by; once they have been lured in, chum is used to bring them closer which will in turn put the fish into a feeding frenzy; which in turn allows one to simply use spinning rods or fly rods to catch them. You won’t even have to work to do so have many fishermen find that they cannot cast their rods fast enough. Many find that as soon as the fly hits the water it will be hooked. So the fish feeding frenzy will in turn result in a fisherman frenzy trying to simply keep up with the amount of fish.



Another technique uses kites to lure fish closer to the shoreline where they are then plucked from the water. This is the most popular method used to catch Mahi Mahi from Hawaii cliff tops. Most locals will use this method to catch these fish which offer good meat and can be found in most local stores and restaurants.

However when it comes to wanting that excitement of being right in the middle of a Mahi Mahi frenzy, nothing compares to the deep sea fishing boat experience. These blue water deep sea fish are extremely migratory and have a short life span of only 4-5 years. Adult fish can grow to weigh between 7 and 17 kilograms (15 – 29 lb). Male fish are generally larger than the females and they spawn in warmer oceans throughout the year.

Due to how short their lifespan is they tend to double in numbers within a short number of months which is why they are the perfect game fish. Experienced boat captains will know exactly where to find these agile fish and will also safely get your fishing trip from zero to full adrenalin with a simple toss of silvers in a net or some bait thrown overboard.

Due to the fact that these fish are so easy to entice and catch many Mahi Mahi fishing charters also offer a catch and release fishing expedition whereby hookless lures can be used to instead of a hooked lure. This means that even those people who are not keen on catching or harming any type of creature, can also experience what a fishing expedition is like.

When it comes to Dorado’s even simply being a part of the excitement is well worth the experience as these fish can create and entire display of colors that will enthrall just about everyone. One thing can be said about these fish; they may not be the prettiest or even the smartest school of fish you ever encounter, but they more than make up for it with their amazing array of colors that seem to indicate exactly what mood they are in. Even in death when they turn dark silver their color is still impressive. When hooked they will display green; blue and yellow colors all flashed like a neon sign; this is a natural tactic they use to throw off being hunted in the ocean.

When you are looking to try any kind of deep sea fishing; it would be wise to take a look at going on a well organized and highly successful Mahi Mahi fishing outing. Due to the predictability and sheer size of the school you are most certainly going to be holding your very own Mahi Mahi trophy in no time at all.