What Fishing Gear Does the Captain Supply

Fishing Gear Charleston SCAt Fishing Charters Charleston SC we strive to provide top quality service at affordable prices so that our guests can have a memorable fishing experience. We make sure our guests are prepared and educated on what can be expected on our fishing excursions. Whether you’re going out on the water for a short trip or a full day of cruising the waters, we aim to deliver the most enjoyable day of fishing in Charleston SC.
Some of our veteran Charleston fishermen choose to bring all of their fishing gear on each trip, but the Captain also supplies needed equipment to our guests. We welcome all beginners to come and enjoy time in the open sea with their friends and family. When you book a fishing trip, you can expect us to supply:

Deep Sea Fishing Charters Supplies the Following Fishing Gear

Tackle: We can provide recreational rods, hooks, reels, spoons, snaps, waders, knives, floats, blades, and traps to customers who don’t have their own gear. 

Bait: The bait choices may vary, but we will provide small and large bait that is known to attract just about any fish. 

Ice: We provide plenty of ice so that you have a way to keep your catch cold.

Fishing License: You do not have to worry about getting a Fishing License to fish on our charter boats. Our license covers all of the people who fish on our boat. 

Fun: The Captain is a fishing enthusiast who is very aware that everyone who comes aboard is looking to have a day filled with fun. To ensure an excellent fishing experience, we make sure to supply the fun on each charter!

Once everyone is ready, the Captain will announce where all of the safety equipment can be found and give you an idea of what to expect for the day. He will instruct everyone who needs direction or help with rigging up so that you’re ready to start catching some fish!

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