When you’re ready to go out on a fishing charter in Charleston, SC,  you want to find a charter that fits your needs and goals. If your goals are an unforgettable day of deep sea fishing or trolling, catching big fish and getting it all on film, Wahoo Fishing Charters is your best bet.Fishing Charter Charleston, SC

Charleston Fishing Charter

We take your fishing charter to the next level! With a fully appointed kitchen, a state room for catching a few z’s on the way out to sea or when you need a break from the sun and excitement, and available satellite radio, television, and wifi, the Wahoo will give you a comfortable ride.  Fast, quiet, and smoke-free, with special outboards that don’t blow clouds of smoke, the Wahoo is the ultimate fishing experience. Whether you spend an afternoon, the day, or book an overnight trip, you’ll fish in style from the decks of the Wahoo.

When you head out for some deep-sea fishing, you can choose your own experience. Would you prefer constant action with a large catch, or a chance at an epic battle with the fish of a lifetime? There are two ways to fish in the deep waters off Charleston: trolling and bottom fishing. Trolling involves keeping the boat in constant motion, drawing baited hooks along the ocean bottom. The result is fewer hits, but the fish that bite are enormous and tenacious fighters.

Bottom fishing involves going to a specific spot, well known to the captains for being productive, and dropping the lines. Tasty snapper, black sea bass, and triggerfish are common in Charleston, and provide exciting, constant catches.

Wahoo Fishing Charters

However you choose to go deep sea fishing in Charleston, Wahoo Fishing Charters is here to show you the way. Contact us online today, to schedule your Charleston Fishing Charter!