There’s nothing like hitting the high seas. Or, at least, the deep seas.

American fisheries support 1.7 million jobs. Deep sea fisherpeople catch millions of fish worth 212 billion dollars in sales.

But they don’t work alone. Many laypeople charter a boat and head out on the open water. They catch their own fish, which they can bring home and cook for dinner.

Yet, many people are anxious when they prepare for their deep sea fishing trip. They don’t know what to expect, and they don’t know what to bring.

Understand some fundamentals and you can have a great time fishing.

Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing 101.

Fishing Trip Essentials

Your fishing trip checklist should include a few different things. Your clothes depend on what kind of weather you are facing, so check the hourly forecast in advance. You do want sneakers or boots with rubber soles that grip the floor.

Try to bring layers. A fleece jacket will keep you warm in case there is wind. You can also bring a T-shirt if you think the weather will warm up.

It is very important to bring sunscreen. You will be out in the sun for several hours, and you can get sunburned on any exposed skin. Make sure to cover your scalp and the backs of your hands.

Bring sunglasses, a first-aid kit, and water. If you’re planning to eat on your boat, bring a cooler with a packed lunch.

If you’re planning to keep your catch, you should bring another cooler. Make sure it is stocked with ice, but leave plenty of room for your fish. You never know how many fish you are going to catch.

What Happens During Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing takes place in the open ocean. The water is at least 30 meters deep, and this is where big fish live and migrate.

You should get to the harbor early so you can talk to the crew. Discuss arrangements with them, including whether you will prepare fish on board. At the very least, get friendly since you will spend several hours with them.

It takes extra time to get out into deep water, and this counts as part of your trip. Be prepared for your boat to move at a fast pace out into the ocean. The crew likes to talk to beginners, so have some conversations with them.

Once you’re in position, you will receive a rundown of the equipment on board. You will need live bait and strong rods to catch a wide variety of fish.

It will take time to get a fish on the hook. There is always the possibility that you won’t get any fish at all.

Enjoy the day as much as you can. Talk to the crew and the other people on board. Feel free to take a break whenever you want.


Many people who are starting out in deep sea fishing are concerned about seasickness. Seasickness occurs because of a conflict between the inner ears and eyes. The inner ears detect motion while the eyes detect stability, causing the brain to produce stress hormones.

Seasickness is uncomfortable, but do not worry. You will feel better and you will recover from it. Follow some basic tips.

Drink plenty of water and clear fluids, before and after climbing on board the ship. Remain on deck and get in a lot of fresh air. Walk around and perform some stretches to keep your mind off of your discomfort.

Feel free to take medications to combat your symptoms. Take a dose of Dramamine while drinking some water. It may take a moment to work, but your nausea will go away.

How to Fish

It takes time to develop fishing skills. Deep sea fishing requires advanced abilities because of the size of the fish themselves. Even if you get one on your line, it takes effort hauling it in.

Start out with a different fishing level, such as with shallow water fishing. Learn to wait, catch, and release. This will also help you get used to being on the water.

Then study the fundamentals of deep sea fishing. Trolling is fishing close to the top of the water, hooking big fish that put up a fight. You need to move quickly and have a lot of upper body strength.

In bottom fishing, your boat anchors to a reef. Many fish congregate around the reefs, so you will be able to catch a lot. You won’t get large fish, so go trolling if you want an impressive haul.

If you are planning to take your fish with you, you will need to learn how to fillet it. Bring a filleting knife and cutting board with you.

**NOTE: If you are fishing with us on an Epic Charter we will help you with cleaning your catch!

Ask someone on your crew to fillet and watch them. When you feel comfortable taking over, you can give it a shot. Keep your fingers away from the blade and use smooth motions while cutting.

Charter a Boat Today

Deep sea fishing is great for beginners and experienced fisherpeople alike. But make the necessary preparations.

Bring layers, sunscreen, and bottled water. Arrive early and talk to the crew. Be prepared to wait while the boat gets into position and fish come to you.

Combat seasickness by drinking plenty of water and walking around. Get ready to haul in heavy fish if you are trolling. Keep your live bait ready and learn how to fillet from your crew.

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