Set in the charming heart of the South, Charleston offers opportunities to immerse oneself in the history and beauty of one of the most bountiful fall offshore fishing areas. In 2007, red snapper was declared an overfished species, and a moratorium was issued on keeping any red snapper that was caught. Some ten years later, cautious optimism is turning that trend back, giving fishers a chance to once again take home a sample of this magnificent game fish. While the first season of fishing for red snapper will be very brief, there is hope that the species has recovered enough for future opportunities to expand.

Fall Offshore Fishing Record-Setters

In the meantime, if you are not fortunate enough to book a charter during the brief season, there are plenty offall offshore fishing charleston, sc other fish in the sea. Conservation efforts, like those that have long protected the red snapper to allow their repopulation, have paid off in the cases of other species. In 2005, a state record was set when a fisherman landed an incredible 881.8-pound blue marlin. Although smaller catches are far more common when fishing offshore from Charleston in fall, 200-400 pound specimens are usual and provide an exciting battle.


Along with the billfish that Charleston is known for, there are plenty of opportunities to fill your cooler and your plate as well. Dolphin and blackfin tuna provide succulent fillets for the grill. Although lacking the sheer immensity of the billfish, sheepshead is another excellent choice for the table. Averaging around 14 inches, these strikingly marked fish offer a good fight for their size.


No offshore trip would be truly complete without mention of the sea’s greatest predators, and one of the most challenging catches for fisherman: Sharks. Found year-round in both the near-shore and offshore waters, several shark species call the Atlantic off the Charleston shore home. Species include bonnethead, blacktip, Atlantic sharpnose, spinner, and bull sharks. Anyone of them can drag line screaming from a reel and give the fall offshore fisherman in Charleston an experience of a lifetime.

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