Fall is an excellent time for perusing inshore waters for game fish like red drum and speckled trout. When we head out for a day on the water fishing inshore, you’ll ride on our 23-foot center console craft and settle into a good spot. We’ll cast our lines, and if the fish aren’t biting, move on to another area. With an experienced captain and crew, your chances of bringing home some good sized inshore species are good.

Fall Inshore Fish

Fall Inshore Fishing

There are more fish than the 3-7 pound redfish to search for inshore. Sharks, tarpon, cobia, and tripletail can all be fished inshore and put up a terrific fight. Where we fish will depend on what species you want to chase, your level of experience and expertise, and the time of year. During the fall, it’s possible to go after some of the larger gamefish closer to shore, as they move in after baitfish and crabs.

Inshore vs. Offshore

Spend a relaxing couple of hours on the water wetting lines or fishing for the larger game species. The difference between offshore and inshore is simple: Offshore is catching fish. Inshore is fishing. If we don’t find fish in one area, we’ll move on. Your captain and crew are familiar with the area and make educated guesses about where the fish are at any given time. We’ll do our best to ensure that you do some catching as well as fishing, but with inshore fishing, there are no real guarantees. Whether we go out for a few hours or a longer trip, you’re getting a day on the water. What’s not to love?