Sport fishermen across the US know that Charleston’s waters are teeming with life. Our streams, rivers, marshes, and other inshore and offshore areas provide game at all times of the year. Let’s take a look at some of the sport fishing you can expect to find when you visit!

Inshore Fishing

There are many piers and docks that are fished every day in the Charleston area, and small boats or kayaks can take you into the steams and estuaries. Bonito tuna, Spanish mackerel, and bluefish can usually be caught from fishing ships near the shore. Surf fishing is particularly popular on the beaches around Charleston such as Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms. You will probably catch sand sharks and sand rays, but wait for the redfish, flounder, sea trout and whiting – delicious!

Offshore Fishing

Some of the fish you can catch in deeper waters include amberjack, sea bass, and tuna. You could also reel in a barracuda, shark or a stunning blue marlin out in the Gulf Stream. Every season has its pros and cons, however, so think ahead when planning your trip. If you have your heart set on seeing some Mahi, don’t plan a sport fishing trip in October.

Sport Fishing Tours

Bottom Fish

When looking to hook bottom fish such as sea bass or porgies, snappers, and other reef fish, keep in mind that their behavior changes in response to the season. In summer, they decrease feeding activity during the middle part of the day, so you may want to book a trip that can accommodate fishing in the late evening through the night and into the early morning hours.

Fishing Charters

While you could rent a smaller boat and navigate it yourself out into the open water for your next sport fishing trip, it’s recommended that you use a local fishing charter. The knowledgeable captain and crew will get you to the right places, and the larger craft will decrease nausea. By far the busiest charter in town, Charleston Fishing Charters has a variety of packages to fit anybody’s definition of a perfect day, and their luxury yachts are equipped with every amenity and rigged with the best gear and cutting-edge technology to make your trip a great one.

What to Bring

There’s a variety of gear you’ll need when fishing in Charleston, no matter what type of tour you chose. Bring light-weight loose clothing, but prepare for rain and wind with ponchos and windbreakers. Long-sleeve shirts and pants will protect you from the sun and from mosquitos and gnats and don’t forget the bug spray. Gloves will come in handy, and sneakers are a good shoe for fishing on docks or boats. And, of course, any trip to water necessitates a water bottle, towels, and a bathing suit.


Charleston Fishing Charters has the right package for your needs – reach out to us today for more information!