best time of year to take a deep-sea fishing tripDeep sea fishing is an experience like no other. Getting out on the waves, and having a chance at hooking some of the most aggressive fighting fish the water has to offer, while enjoying the luxury of the well-appointed Wahoo is a memory that will last a lifetime. When planning your deep-sea fishing trip, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions to determine the best time of year to take a deep-sea fishing trip in Charleston- What kinds of fish are you hoping to land, and what type of fishing do you prefer- trolling or bottom-fishing? There’s something for everyone aboard the Wahoo.

Early Spring Deep-Sea Fishing

In the spring, Bluefin is the word. The largest of the tuna species, blue fins range from 300 to 500 pounds, but specimens have been landed at 1000 pounds. Bluefin offer a spectacular fight and of course are one of the tastiest grill fish you’ll catch from the decks of the Wahoo. Bluefin tuna are among the earliest fish to begin striking in the late winter/early spring months, and are one of the few that can be fished successfully in the dead of winter. They provide plenty of excitement for your fishing trip.

Spring into Summer

Spring, summer, and fall are the best time of year to take a deep-sea fishing trip. Blue Marlin begin showing up around May and keep on going strong into September. Yellowfin tuna follow a similar pattern, slowing down slightly in July and August, but providing an exciting fight through much of the spring and summer months. Mahi mahi, also known as dolphin, start arriving in late Spring, joined by Wahoo and some early Spanish mackerel. Spring offers some of the mildest weather as well, with lower temperatures than later on in the season but fewer storms and calmer seas.

Summer into Early Fall

The bounty continues as the weather heats up. Blue and white marlin move in as yellowfin tuna take a break around July and August. The Bluefin tend to vanish for the hottest months, making room for King and Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, and other tuna species.

Winter Months

As Fall winds down, so does the fishing. Winter tends to be a bit touch and go, with storms coming up and cold temperatures making the trip less enjoyable. For the true die-hard, though, there are opportunities to land the big Bluefin tuna that love the colder months. No matter when you plan your deep sea fishing trip, Charleston is the prime destination for catching big fish!