You’ve booked your deep sea fishing charter, scheduled your big day, previewed sample footage from our web page, and you’re ready to go out and catch the fish of a lifetime! Or are you?

Aboard a deep sea fishing in Charleston, SC, you have the opportunity to catch some of the largest and fiercest fish in the ocean. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and you don’t want to miss out because of poor planning. With a little forethought, your memories will be centered around the size of the fish.

Wear the Right Gear On Your Deep Sea Fishing CharterDeep Sea Fishing Charter Charleston, SC

While the Wahoo is a luxury craft, decked out with satellite radio, television, and wifi, with comfortable chairs and staterooms in which to pass the travel time out to the fishing areas, it’s still a boat. Temperatures on the water average about 10 degrees cooler than on shore, so it’s important to dress accordingly. Layer your clothing and be prepared for the changes in temperature throughout the day.

Think Ahead

If you’ve never been on the water before your deep sea fishing trip, or you’re prone to seasickness, there’s no better medicine than preparation. The night before your trip, drink alcohol sparingly and eat a light meal. Get plenty of rest and hydrate. Take an over the counter remedy before leaving the dock, and be sure to bring additional doses with you, to take throughout the day according to the directions. A few pills can make the difference between a great day deep sea fishing or a day spent with your head hanging over the rail.

Enjoy Trip with The Wahoo

When you step aboard the Wahoo, you’re joining a world-class crew of experienced fishermen who are there to guide you through your day. Conditions permitting, we will launch drones to take video footage from incredible views all around the boat and even under water. With a little planning, your trip aboard the Wahoo will be a trip you’ll always remember. Visit us online to view our packages and to book the trip of a lifetime with us!