Charleston, SC has some of the finest restaurants, best views, and most exciting venues in the state. We’re a premier destination for tourists and visitors. What’s the most fun and interesting activity you can participate in when visiting Charleston? Sea fishing, of course! Come sea fishing with Wahoo Fishing Charters and have a fishing experience that you won’t forget!

Sea Fishing Package Options


Full Day Package

A full day of deep sea fishing allows for both bottom fishing and trolling. Trolling means constant movement and while you catch fewer fish, those you do catch are large sportfish that put up a spectacular fight. Bottom fishing means staying in one place and using weighted hooks to catch a steady stream of fish. With a full day on the water, you’ll have time to catch plenty of fish!

What To Do in Charleston: Sea Fishing!

Don’t miss out on a Charleston adventure!

¾ Day Deep Sea Fishing

Shorter in duration, this package allows for both trolling and bottom fishing if you don’t mind doing each for less time. Some passengers prefer this package if they have a limited time to be out on the ocean. Choosing either trolling or bottom fishing is recommended for packages shorter than the full day.

Half Day Deep Sea Fishing

When going out for a half day, trolling is impractical, but a couple hours of fishing on the reef is still a great afternoon at sea. This package is great for those who are in town for just one day and want to maximize their Charleston experience.

Overnight Trips

For serious fishermen who want to maximize their catch, the Overnight package can’t be beaten. Trolling for the big game fish is best in the evening and early morning, and the time between can be filled  with bottom fishing, rounding out your experience.

Join the crew aboard the Wahoo for an exciting fishing trip you’ll never forget!