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South Carolina tarpon fishing offers some of the most exciting and challenging fishing available. Some anglers, however, seem to feel the need to challenge themselves even further, but fly fishing in Charleston, SC is an exercise in frustration.

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Fishing off the coast of Charleston, SC

The Approach

Typically, fly fishermen choose a space in the current that serves as a “wedge”- a place where the elusive tarpon are forced through a narrow opening by the water conditions and the current. They drop anchor, and toss out their baits, hopeful of grabbing the attention of a large fish. Unfortunately, this approach has several flaws. The biggest is the movement of the fish themselves. As the fish approach the boat, they first encounter the anchor line. If this doesn’t spook the large and world-weary game fish, they continue forward, bombarded by the sounds of the engine vibrating through the water. The intrepid few that are still moving forward are then confronted by the shadow of the boat- which closely resembles their worst enemy- the predatory large shark.

Successfully Baiting Tarpon

Getting the attention of the elusive and exciting tarpon takes some skilled angling. According to the Charleston fishing report, tarpon prefer the hottest months of the year and are most active during that time. Inshore fishing in Charleston SC is a waste of time when going out after tarpon. The biggest of these aggressive game fish tend to congregate in the warmth of the Gulf Stream, where they feel free to hit the baits dropped in front of them.

Fish the Wahoo

Charleston fishing is like no other place on earth. Heading out on the well-appointed yacht, the Yahoo, complete with all the amenities you need to enjoy your time out on the water is an experience not to be missed. Whether you’re going out after tarpon or one of the other large, aggressive game fish swimming in the waters off the coast, our experienced captain and crew will take you out to where the big fish roam and give you the best chance of hooking a real fighter. Contact us today to schedule your next fishing trip![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]