With the partial closing of the famed Georgetown Hole by federal regulators, it’s more important than ever to go out with an experienced crew if you want the best chance at success while bottom fishing off the South Carolina coast. The move by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is intended to protect this hotbed of some of the largest bottom fish, and create a spawning sanctuary so that future generations will have a shot at the massive grouper, flounder, and other bottom fish. Luckily for guests aboard the Wahoo, trolling and bottom fishing are still permitted in the area, and the captain and crew are familiar with more than one excellent spot to catch trophy sized bottom fish.

Bottom Fishing Charleston SC

The average grouper runs 10 to 20 pounds, but they’ve been hauled in at over 40 pounds.Bottom fish are picky eaters, sometimes elusive, and put up a fight you have to feel to believe. Grouper tend to hang out in rocky areas, where they can hide themselves in the unevenness of the sea floor, lying in wait for unsuspecting smaller fish, or lures, to come along. When they hit, they hit hard, and fight their way all the way to the surface.


Underwater structures such as ledges, artificial and natural reefs, and other places that give the fish plenty of cover are the best places to hook the big fish. Luring them out can provide a challenge, but by matching the right bait to the conditions, current, and target fish, the Wahoo crew helps you get your best shot at the biggest fighters. Go out for a day or an overnight, and we’ll haul in grouper, flounder, black sea bass, porgies, and even cobia. Overnight trips offer your best shots at bottom fishing, as you get two shots at the prime fishing time- morning and evening. Fish the Wahoo and discover why we’re known as one of the area’s premier charters.