Blue Marlin

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Blue Marlin Fishing

Blue Marlin is the ocean’s top billfish they present anglers who wish to be hooked up to a big specimen an opportunity to test their fishing skills as well as knowledge. They give anglers an opportunity to go face to face with the ocean ‘s most elusive trophy; it’s man versus nature’s best. Now that you understand what the appeal is, what drives many very passionate anglers to take half their lives fishing these marlin. With that in thought, you need to understand the how to catch these big Charleston South Carolina Blue Marlin.

The best season of the year to go for blue marlin fishing around Charleston South Carolina is from September all through to March. Methods that are used for blue marlin fishing around Charleston South Carolina.

Method One (Fishing Structures)

Blue marlin fishing is principally done over panicles, seamounts and ridges for all species. The structures are comparable to a sea cafeteria to blue marlin. The favorite lure for marlin is skipjack tuna. tuna frequently hang around these ocean structures, mainly because of upsweep provided by the currents beneath. The currents deliver fish that the skipjack eat.

Another technique of catching the tuna is to troll jigs by feeding tuna at a slow speed. Mostly, we get many hook ups to the fish. The bait is reeled up, and a wet towel is used to put the tuna in as he or she is rigged up to troll live. Use rigging floss then inserts a bait needle at the topmost of an eye socket. This technique is called bridling the bait. Then bend the hook a few times to bring the slack up in the floss. When finished your hook must be set above the bait eyes?

Use 300 lb as a test fluorocarbon leader that has a 16-o to 20-o circle hook contingent on the size of the bait that is being employed. The rods use for Charleston South Carolina blue marlin fishing are over 80 lb class and have 50 wide reels spooled together with 80 lb test free line. This offers you loads of backbone in hauling in the prize catch. fish 2 to 3 rods simultaneously for many hook ups on blue marlin fish. There is nothing that works better than the double hook on blue marlin.This makes you job more challenging.

Marlin fishing through live tuna, adjust the vessel speed so that the tuna swims adjacent effortlessly. once you have the structure, put the boat into neutral gear, and this lets the lures swim deeper. This approach seems to allow more bites from blue marlin. If you have no luck, put the boat in gear and move towards the structure. The next time you go blue marlin fishing around Charleston South Carolina and have an opportunity to go hunting after a blue marlin you can give this technique a try when fishing in Charleston South Carolina for marlin it catches.

Method Two ( Open Water Trolling)

When hunting for the blue marlin in shallow water fishing always keep your eyes open for the birds working (circling, diving, feeding). Flocks of birds usually mean bait, an area where the schools of yellowfin tuna are eating. One can use the same technique as before for catching bait tuna, trolling jigs. Do not shy of having a large tuna for bait. A blue marlin can possibly eat a bait 10% of their body weight. Yes, a 1000lb marlin can feed a 100lb or more tuna. We use tuna of up to 20lb for the lure. The technique used in open ocean water fishing for blue marlin if using live tuna for a lure is to try and troll the tuna bait on the outer side of the schooling bait tuna. The marlin usually stays on the outer end of the bait tuna and swim in the school for their victim.

Blue marlin can be taken in wide waters when blind trolling is a way of trolling with bait at 9 knots to spread as much area as imaginable. Using this technique you have a setup of catching other varieties of game fish (dolphin, sailfish, and wahoo). A favorite blue marlin lure is normally located in what is called the short corner. A bait is fixed on the 2nd wave following the boat (just 15ft from the fish transom).