Deep Sea Fishing Reels Used by Fishing Charters

When you go fishing in Charleston, SC you’ll want to know The Best Deep Sea Fishing Reels Used by Charters that are specifically designed to ensure the best catch. The Charleston fishermen know that there are reels on the market that can make you drool if you love the sport like we love the sport of fishing, and we’re going to review two of the biggest and baddest reels!


Krista Deep Sea Fishing Reel



Most of the techniques employed in Charleston, SC fishing barely even scratches the surface of the ocean’s bounty but with Kristal Fishing reels you can explore new levels of untapped fisheries like the exotic species that reside in the deep sea. You’ll discover and catch the best Queen Snappers, Bull Redfish, and Sharks easier than you ever did before. These deep drop electric fishing reels by Kristal Fishing can go 250 to 2000 feet at speeds of up to 420 ft. per minute. There are several models in the line of deep drop fishing reels to choose from but our favorite is the XL 651 Deep Drop Reel that weighs 18 lbs. and has a drop speed of 330 ft./minute This is a very powerful unit, and the best part is, you can mount it on just about any conventional rod!

Miya Electric Fishing Reels

Deepwater species are best tackled with electric reels which is why our two choices for The Best Deep Sea Fishing Reels Used by Charters are electric reels. Our second pick is the Miya Epoch electric reels and not just because they were the first brand of electric reels. 30 years ago Miya Epoch designed the first electric fishing reel that became a hot item to both commercial fishermen and sports fishermen. Their electric reel models are excellent for jigging, trolling, and deep sea fishing. All models are factory engineered to ensure quality fishing, and they are one of the most durable fishing reels sold in stores. There is a control panel on the reel so you can customize your fishing experience and you can also access the settings via remote control!


If you’ve purchased a deep sea fishing reel and you’re ready to test its goodness out on Charleston, SC waters, make sure to take advantage of one of our deep sea fishing excursions!