If you are thinking about booking a fishing charter for your friends or family, you’re going to want to be as prepared as possible.

Bachelor Gift, Deep Sea Fishing in Charleston, SC,Here are 5 things you should know before booking a fishing charter:

  1. Group size. The number of people you want to bring with you on your fishing charter will determine which packages you can buy. Some of Fish the Wahoo’s charters have a maximum of six passengers, while others have a maximum of four.
  2. Cost. Cost is another factor you need to consider. Figure out how much you are willing to spend for a fishing charter. Our packages range from $700 to $2300.
  3. Targeted Species. Depending on where your charter goes, the fish species that your captain will target will differ. For example, if you choose a deep sea fishing charter, trolling (fishing on top of the water) targets Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna, while bottom fishing (anchoring over a reef) targets Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, and Sea Bass.
  4. Location. Fish the Wahoo is located at the Ripley Light Marina at 4 Ashley Point Drive, Charleston, SC, 29407. The marina offers has many amenities that you can take advantage of before and after your fishing trip. These include restrooms, restaurants, showers, and ice machines.
  5. Captain. One of the most important parts of your chartered fishing experience is your captain. With Fish the Wahoo, you can be confident that your captain will provide you with a fishing experience like no other. All of our captains are professional Tour Series Winning Captains that you can trust to make your fishing trip life-changing.

Fish the Wahoo in Charleston, SC

Fish the Wahoo offers deep sea fishing experiences for you and your family and friends. If you want to take part in this once in a lifetime deep sea fishing experience, book your charter today from Fish the Wahoo! You can conveniently choose from our 4 hour, 6 hour, or 12 hour package. Visit us online or call 704-999-6597 for any questions or concerns.