Just because the temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean you have to give up one of your favorite hobbies! In fact, the winter fishing in Charleston, South Carolina can provide new fishing opportunities in terms of fish popularity, the best fishing spots, and your fishing experience.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Winter Fishing Fix:

winter fishing Charleston, SCRedfish

The inshore coastal waters of South Carolina harbor good numbers of redfish, which get surprisingly little press during the winter. In fact, many anglers claim that catching numbers of reds is easier in December and January as the fish tend to group into tighter schools and, once found, are easier to catch. The important thing to remember when searching for redfish is the importance of a working knowledge of “inlets and outlets” that change with the tide and bring food to the fish.

The tide drains the marsh on an outgoing tide so one of the best strategies for taking redfish is to find even the smallest area where water is moving out of the marsh back into the waterway. This current will bring bait with it and any available piece of structure adjacent to this moving water is likely to hold fish. An incoming tide requires an angler to look for pockets where the tide will first reach into the marsh, allowing redfish access to bait that has been hiding out through the low tide.

The vast majority of South Carolina anglers cast artificial baits for redfish or float live baits across structure under popping corks. Best artificial baits are 1/8- to 1/4-ounce jig heads rigged with 3-inch plastic grubs or shrimp. It’s hard to beat anything with combinations of chartreuse for color choices. Pay particular attention to any structure such as submerged oyster bars, points and drop offs. All of these make good ambush points.

Deep Sea Fishing in Charleston, SC

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