White Marlin Fishing

White Marlin Fishing in Charleston, South Carolina

White Marlin Fishing is a very captivating, entertaining and interesting sport to engage in and if you love fishing you will understand better. White Marlin fishing off the shores of Charleston, South Carolina is an experience that you will love to have as a first time angler and even as an experienced fisherman because the shores can boast of having White Marlin fish in abundance. White Marlin Fishing is characterized with large elongated body and upper jaws that are large and shaped like spears which are round at cross sections. Although known as White Marlin, the color of the fish ranges from chocolate brown to dark blue. It is however relatively lighter in color than the other species of Marlin Fish. The White Marlin fish belongs to the family of fish known as the” Billfish”.

Facts about the White Marlin

There are certain important facts that you need to know about the White Marlin and the following are a few of such facts:

  1. The maximum size of the fish is about 220 pounds.
  2. The sport of White Marlin fishing is very entertaining because it is difficult for anglers to bait and hook a White Marlin due to their speed, beauty and ability to leap.
  3. They can be found in the temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Commercial fishing is a very great threat to the White Marlin specie because of the danger of going extinct.
  5. “The Billfish Foundation” which was founded by Winthrop Rockefeller in the year 1986 is a non – profit making known for the preservation of the Billfish species of fishes.
  6. They move in a group of individuals referred to as a school of White Marlin.
  7. They prefer to inhabit in deep blue waters that are about 330 feet or 100m high.
  8. They are famed to be more productive while they are in the subtropics.
  9. White Marlin feed mostly on crustaceans and small fishes.
  10. The female specie is usually larger in size than the male species.
  11. Their migration to high altitude waters is common during the warm season of the year.
  12. The Ocean City located in the Maryland District is famous for White Marlin and has been referred to as the White Marlin capital of the world.

White Marlin Fishing, Charleston, South Carolina

This is one of the great cities in the US where White Marlin fish can be seen and this makes it a very busy city for fishermen within the months of July to September when a lot of fishing activities take place. It is very essential that you take note of these important points that will help you a great deal when you are going to Charleston, South Carolina for White Marlin fishing:

  • Charleston, South Carolina offers you the best White Marlin fishing charter that you can ever get on the Carolina shores.
  • There are guides that are experts at helping you fish in all types of water be it a wreck, a creek or even a reef.
  • You will get to enjoy trolling the great blue water of the Gulf Stream.
  • The White Marlin Fishing Charter consists of different types of fleet of boats that can be used and some of these boats include but are not limited to offshore sport fishing boats and flats boats.
  • The charter can be arranged for a time ranging from a full day, an hour or even half a day.
  • The charter is open to different categories of people – the birdwatchers, the experienced fishermen, the sight seers, the first time anglers and the sun bathers.
  • Everything that is needed by you to have a great experience while fishing is available at the charter so, there is no need for you to come with anything yes, nothing not even a single fishing equipment.
  • There are charters for passengers of 4, 5 and 6 for offshore fishing charters and charters for 1 to 6 passenger(s) for inshore fishing charters.

In conclusion, White Marlin fishing in Charleston, South Carolina in any of the charters is an experience that you will always live to remember because there is no boring time that will make you regret taking a trip to Charleston for the purpose of fishing. The expertise of the charter guides, the beauty of the White Marlin fish and the thrill of being on the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf Stream will leave you with an experience of coming back for more of such an experience. It is also a good source of revenue for the government.