Wahoo Fishing

Tips for Fishing for Wahoo

Wahoo Fishing is more like any other form of fishing; it is partly science, combined with art, mixed with a bit of twist of instinct. Many ways which you may target this cute, fast, and tasty variety. The best approach to carrying out Wahoo Fishing in Carolina is finding a good spot where the ebbing tide flows from the beaches of Charleston South Carolina into the deep blue ocean. It is here that craving Wahoo will stick out and wait for the baitfish to be unsuspectingly swept into the blue water. With a powerful ebbing tide and the best time of year, getting trophy Wahoo is virtually guaranteed. You may work your baits inside 80 and 600 feet of water, just please know Barracuda will molest your baits regularly as you get into shallow water.


  1. Wahoo Fishing Live Baiting on the end and other drift with heavy lure concentrations -In Charleston South Carolina area live lure is somewhat sufficient, it can sometimes be difficult to catch since it might be in the middle of reefy bottom that will damage a cast net. If you are furnished and can get the decent baits Move the boat only fast enough to have the boat pointed in the right direction since you do not wish to sink your attraction
  2. Trolling the edge, also another tide with heavy bait collection. While many folks say that high pace trolling when carrying out Wahoo Fishing at 14 knots is the idea to catch Wahoo, it can be pretty expensive and loud. I prefer trolling for Wahoo at only 8-9 knots since it is more relaxing. You will get Wahoo at either speed, but, at 14 knots, you will certainly cover more ground and presumably drag your lure across more fish.
  3. Jigging for a Wahoo – Find a tide edge and plan to drift along that edge as you deploy your popular jigs. The quantity of color plus flash are always significant and may require to change them from day to day for top results. Wahoo can be seized from the floor all the way to the water surface but will normally be from the surface to 60′. Drop the jigs to around 80′ then work them up. Use Tormentor’s CABLE RIGGED Hooks, so you do not miss your fish.

Wahoo Fishing Lures


Lures are almost constantly the choice among Wahoo Fishermen; those who troll great speed as the natural lure will not endure the punishment. The colors that become favorites amongst Wahoo Fishermen including the flash that is in some of them, further weight and size all are factors in the choice of the right bait for the right day.

Taking the wahoo to the boat!

When receiving a Wahoo bite, the general instinct is to touch the throttles and clutches the pull back to neutral as it appears this seafood will spool you hard in no time. DO NOT follow this instinct. Instead of throttling back or slowing down or turning the boat, straighten the vessel out so as to take out the belly in the line. After, your angler is now settled and willing to fight do you have the vessel slow down, however, do not pull the vessel out of gear. This is the most common mistake in Wahoo Fishing that will make you lose the seafood. After his original run, 90 percent, a Wahoo will swim straight approaching the boat shaking the head violently. For successful Wahoo Fishing, You need keep the boat in gear (possibly above lazy speed) to help the angler keep the line steady to make it difficult for the Wahoo to sway the hook.

Gaffing the Wahoo

First, don’t pull the boat out of gear. Keep on going straight ahead, normally at around 5 knots is best. When the fish begins to get close, have the angler move forward therefore when the angler takes the leader to the pole tip and the seafood comes to the vessel, he will be alongside the boat not behind it. Have your anglers move when catching Wahoo It will make you look like a real expert in landing a fish.

Do not forget to ice him down in the cockpit cover any lines back out. This summarizes how to carry out a successful Wahoo Fishing. Good luck as and do not forget to try out these tips.