The Joys of Fall Fishing

Some people assume fishing is a summer activity, but that’s not the case! In fact, fall fishing comes with its own set of perks you might not have previously considered. One of the biggest joys of fall fishing is the cooler weather, particularly on the waters of the South Carolina coast. This also provides you with the opportunity to catch bigger fish that enjoy hiding in coral, rocks, and ledges. The fall season also marks the arrival of different species of fish that can’t be as easily caught during other times of the year!

Which Fish Are Found in the Fall?

Fishing in the Fall

One of the many types of fish to arrive with the fall season is the spotted sea trout. Although this fish is a common catch all the way from October to January, it’s advised to fish for it during the fall season as the temperatures are not yet low enough to prevent them from showing up as frequently. Being structure-oriented, spotted sea trout typically gather near oyster beds.

If you enjoy deep-sea fishing, during the fall season you can expect to find red snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish, and grunts. You may also spot redfish further out in the water than what is typical for them, during the fall. The lack of algae in the water this time of year also provides more visibility, which means an easier time catching! Sharks are another great fall catch, since the cooler weather encourages larger sharks to become more active.

If you prefer to fish in lakes, keep an eye out for bass. Some people believe bass are no longer present when fall approaches, but in reality, the cooler water temperatures encourage the bass to come out of hiding. They are also much less lethargic in the fall compared to in the summer, since higher water temperatures cause the bass to be sluggish.

Rigs and Lures for Fall Fishing

Because prey species are more scarce this time of year, it’s recommended to use live bait for fall fishing. Some rigs and lures are beneficial, depending on the type of fish.

For deep-sea fish like red snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish, and grunts, cut squid is a good option for live bait. Any type of fish is usually suitable as live bait for sharks, especially if it is bloody. Circle hooks are the best type of hook for most sharks, as they don’t usually hook the shark deep in the mouth or gut. J hooks work well if the shark is visible from the boat you are in.

When it comes to catching bass in the fall, the most recommended type of lure is the jig, due to how much control you are given over the color combinations you wish to present to the fish. During the fall season, bass are loading up on prey for hibernation season so matching your lure to the appearance of their prey will be very much to your benefit. If you decide against a jig, buzzbaits and swimbaits are also good lure options for bass.