Tips on Tipping The Captain On Your Fishing Trip

Because we have world class captains and are offering you an incredible fishing trip, whether it be deep sea, off shore, or near shore, tipping The Captain is generally customary. Your captain and crew work hard to ensure you have a good time while out on the water, so reward them with a good tip! The industry tipping standard is usually 20% of your total package cost, but the crew will be happy to accept any amount, as long as you think it accurately reflects what they deserve.

Tipping the Captain


Here are the costs of each of the packages we offer:

Package Name Departure Time Total Cost
12 Hour Deep Sea 5am $2,300
Overnight Deep Sea 12pm $3,500
9 Hour Off Shore 6am $1,900
6 Hour Off Shore 8am $1,500
6 Hour Near Shore $900
4 Hour Near Shore $700


The normal tip and the total cost plus the tip is shown below:

Package Name Tip Total Cost + Tip
12 Hour Deep Sea $460 $2,760
Overnight Deep Sea $700 $4,200
9 Hour Off Shore $390 $2,290
6 Hour Off Shore $300 $1,800
6 Hour Near Shore $180 $1,080
4 Hour Near Shore $140 $840


We want to thank you in advance for any tip you decide to give to you hardworking crew members!

Summer Fishing in Charleston

If you still haven’t booked your fishing charter, don’t wait! This is one of Charleston’s most popular summer activities, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an incredible experience with Fish the Wahoo! Choose our most popular package, the 12 Hour Deep Sea trip, and get to try different fishing styles or target different kinds of fish. If 12 hours is a little too long for you, maybe look into some of the shorter packages, available off shore and near shore. Book your package online or call us at 704-999-6597 for any questions or concerns you may have.