Summer Fishing in Charleston, SC

Summer fishing Charleston SC means landing some of the biggest and most savage fish the ocean has to offer. Book your overnight trip and take full advantage of the lazy days and warm nights summer has to offer.

Summer Fishing Charleston SC

As the summer winds down, the fishing gears up in and around Charleston. Summer fishing Summer FishingCharleston SC means heading out on a breezy summer morning, and if you’re lucky, spending the day with an experienced captain and crew who know the best spots to lure out the large fish who aren’t feeding as aggressively in the warmer waters. The best shot you have of filling your cooler and landing some of the ocean’s most aggressive game fish is having an experienced crew who know where the big fish are hiding, and most importantly, what will entice them into biting.

Offshore Fishing

The day gets started with some trolling for bottom and reef-dwellers. King mackerel, sea bass, black fish, triggerfish, snapper and grouper are all on the menu for early day offshore fishing. Later in the day, as the temperatures level out and cooler air moves in, we look for swordfish, the acrobats of the sea, known for their wild fights and leaping out of the water for spectacular photographs and video (weather permitting.) The big game fish are most prevalent in the evening and morning hours, and we’ll spend the warmer part of the day trolling for bottom fish to fill the coolers. 

Deep Sea Fishing Charleston

Overnight trips give you the best opportunities to fill your cooler and your quota of excitement. Morning and evening hours provide the best fishing, especially in late summer. The overnight trip gives you the most shots at the biggest and most aggressive fish and allows for plenty of time for relaxing trolling as well. Whether you book your trip for ¼ of a day, ½ a day, a full day or take the best option with an overnight trip, the Wahoo Crew will take you to the prime spots for catching the biggest and most aggressive fish in the sea, and we will make sure your summer is one to remember.