The snow storm that struck Charleston in 2018 dropped water temperatures drastically, causing the loss of a number of spotted sea trout. Unfortunately, this loss has led the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to ask Charleston fishing anglers to practice catch-and-release of all spotted seatrout through September. There are plenty of other fish biting hard and offering fisherman an exciting day on the water, however, so don’t despair.

Weather Predictions

The Almanac is predicting a warm summer with slightly higher-than-average rainfall. April and May, however, will be dry, so those may be the prime months for taking a full-day trip of Charleston fishing aboard the Wahoo. With a hotter-than-average summer predicted, the best surface fishing may happen during the early months of the year, before the rising temperatures drive the big game fish into deeper water.

Prime Fish SpeciesCharleston fishing

Heading out in early to late spring means anglers will have a shot at sea bass onthe reefs to blue marlin following the Gulf Stream. The fish that are easily accessible on the surface in early summer may go deeper as the temperatures climb, but there will be plenty of Sheepshead and Dolphin around to take your downrigger bait.

Morning and Evening

All day and overnight trips aboard the Wahoo not only provide you with the most shots at the prime time fishing hours, they give you opportunities to fish when the temperatures drive the most active feeding- morning and evening. The fish tend to feed most strongly during these cooler times, making them ideal for dropping your line for a shot at a big catch.

Reserve Your Charleston Fishing Spot Now

Full day, overnight, and half-day trips fill up fast, so be sure to call early and book the dates you want for your Wahoo Charleston fishing adventure. Whether you go out for a few hours or overnight, you’re sure to enjoy your stay aboard the well-appointed yacht, the Wahoo. Call and reserve your spot today.