Sea Bass Fishing

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Sea Bass Fishing Charters – Charleston, SC

Sea bass fishing is a popular sport in Charleston, SC. For those who are new to the sport, are going out for the first time, or simply want to have an experienced hand on deck, sea bass fishing charters are the perfect solution to the problem. Not only do charters take you to the ideal spots, but they are also open during the peak seasons for sea bass fishing, meaning you will likely catch the fish, rather than spend the entire day out on the boat without any luck on your own.

Where to Go Sea Bass Fishing

Both offshore and inshore fishing charters will produce a catch, if you go out during the peak season for sea bass fishing. Some of the prime fishing spots for sea bass fishing include:

  • Charleston Back Water Flats
  • Rivers, Harbors, and Bays
  • Creeks
  • ICW
  • Charleston Jetties

There are also numerous inshore reefs off the Charleston coastline, which most sea bass fishing charters can reach within 15 to 30 minutes time. Depending on the time of year, the prime spots for sea bass fishing will vary. For this reason, going with a charter group, rather than fishing on your own, is the ideal way to not only find more fish in the waterways, but also to ensure catching the largest species of sea bass.

No Experience Required When Sea Bass Fishing With Charters

Another benefit of sea bass fishing with charter companies is the fact that you are not required to have any experience to go out with most charter companies. With beginner groups, you can bring a group of friends or go out on your own, with the professional on board. For the more experienced fishermen, there are also larger groups you can set up, allowing you to get the most out of your day with a fishing boat, and professional charter hand on deck. Regardless of your experience level, or whether or not you have ever gone sea bass fishing, going on a private charter is the best way to enjoy a day out on the sea, and enjoy a fine catch while fishing.

Inshore Fishing Opportunities

For the fly and light tackle angler, there are many sea bass fishing charters which provide inshore fishing opportunities. Depending on the season, anglers will encounter several species of fish in addition to the sea bass, including the tarpon, sea trout, flounder, and lady fish. Flat boats will be taken out on these inshore fishing trips, as they are designed to hunt out and stock the fish who inhabit the inshore estuaries, and barrier island waters. There are several charters which offer inshore sea bass fishing opportunities. Some of the destinations which can be visited when inshore fishing in Charleston include:

  • Isles of Palm Marina
  • Ripley Light Marina
  • Shem Creek, and other nearby inshore fishing spots.

Prime Fishing Season

One of the main benefits of sea bass fishing is the fact that it is a fish which can be caught nearly the entire year round. The fishing season for sea bass typically runs from January until June. Fishing for sea bass from October through December will also produce a high number of fish for inshore and offshore fishing charters. This means during the peak seasons in Charleston, most charter companies will offer different sized charter groups, as well as different packages, based on the amount of time you want to go out fishing for the sea bass. And, during these peak seasons, the weather is not too cold or hot, meaning you can stay out fishing for a majority of the day, depending on the packages which are offered by the fishing charter company which you choose to go out with.

Whether you are new to fishing, or have been fishing for sea bass for years, one of the best ways to enjoy this sport is going out with a charter company. Not only are there several charters offering in and offshore fishing trips, but they also know the best season, fishing techniques, and spots to visit, so that you reel in a catch during every visit. From first time fishers, to the most experienced offshore fishing professional, going deep sea bass fishing with a charter company in Charleston is going to prove enjoyable and lucrative for those hoping to reel in several fish during the day.