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Sailfish Fishing

Sailfish Fishing, named after its high deep blue black dorsal fin belongs to the family Istiophoridae. It’s related to marlin and swordfish, and it’s featured by pipe-like upper jaw and small scales. Many sources articulates that this is the fastest fish and it grows very fast reaching about 10ft in length. This is a very aggressive fish that will give you headache especially when you’re fishing using the fishing rod. When you want to catch sailfish, using artificial baits will let you catch less fish. To catch more of these fish, you may use a baitfish or any other live bait. When using a baitfish e.g. mullet, use a sinker on the hook so that it swims more naturally.

The Best Time Carry Out Sailfishing

Sailfish Fishing is thrilling, fun and the best way to practice your acrobatic skills in fishing. Sailfish can be caught at any time on a given day of the year but winter remains the best month for catching sailfish. Most people think that they’ll catch more fish when seas are rough. Ideally, that isn’t the case, calm sea conditions are actually the best days to catch more fish. When you’re out there, you can combine both sailfish and tarpon action for more thrills. January to June is the best time to enjoy this form of fishing. Before contacting the captain of a particular sailfish charter, ensure that he can offer you great experience.

Most fishing sail fishing charters offers anglers a chance to catch fish in a fun and enchanting way. On a good day, a charter can produce an average of 10 sailfish per every charter. In your sailfishing expedition, to catch more fish and have the most exciting experience, follow the guidelines below.


Cover a Large Sailfishing Area

The more fish you catch, the more the enchantment. You can only achieve this by spreading the hooks over a larger area of the sea. You need to setup two kites: one from the bow and the other from the cockpit area. The kites from the cockpit area will be placed on downwind side far from the boat. Each of the kite should have at least three hooks. When used with the sinkers, the surface area created and the depth would have created enough sailfishing area. You may decide to use variety of live baits especially the small runners and speedos are the favorite for sailfish.


Always Bridle While Sailfish Fishing

You need to bridle even the smallest live bait instead of just hooking the bait’s dorsal fin or the nostrils drops many fish. Bridling creates a gap between the bait and the circle hook so when you’re turning and the catching the fish, the bridle prevents the hook from turning back into the bait. For small kite baits, use nostril bridle. Dorsal fin bridle will work more for the large kite baits. The core to baiting sailfish is to use the smallest and light hook as much as possible because sailfish are ideal light-tackle fish.


Keeping All the Baits In Action

It’s always exciting the moment a sailfish get hooked and it’s so easy to remove all the rods without noticing. You need to keep an eye to the remaining baits and you might end up catching more, and more fish. You only need to clear those lines that might interfere with the hooked sailfish. A sailfish grabs one of the baits, jumps and snaps the leader because it’s worn out. Always ensure that the hooks you use are strong.

Sailfish Fishing can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in your lifetime if you do it the right way. To ensure that you get the most out of your time out there in the sea, do sail fishing in the winter season. You might not like the weather but the payoff is double as you’ll catch as many sails as you can. You don’t have to travel very far offshore when you’re with a good team. Sailfish Fishing fight hard and it’s not that easy to land one but it’s not as hard as landing a marlin. The key of having a triumphant time sailfish fishing in the sea and catching a bunch of sailfish is fishing at the right time and at the right place. As you fish regularly, you’ll not take much time and you’ll be a pro. You’ll have a chance to participate in sport fishing if you may like. Remember the rules of fishing, prepare adequately (the hooks, leaders, rigs etc.) and be always be patient.

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