Is Deep Sea Fishing Affected by Underwater Structures?

Deep sea fishing Charleston means navigating underwater structures like reefs, shipwrecks, ledges and shelves. In spite of these obstacles, you can catch monsters in the Charleston waters. Reef fishing is an exciting challenge. While many see the structures littering the ocean bottom as a hazard or a nuisance, from a fish’s point of view, they represent a safe haven, a place to hide from strong currents and larger predators. Even though the structures are on the bottom of the sea, they can still affect your deep sea fishing experience.

Deep Sea Fishing

By its very definition, deep sea fishing means you’ll run into the structures that occupy the bottom of theRocks, Reefs and Wrecks Affect Deep Sea Fishing ocean. Fishing around these structures requires knowledge of the fish species and how they behave in relationship to their environment. Catching high-speed fish like tuna, wahoo, or billfish involves trolling high speed baits, or slow-trolling with live bait. Reef dwellers like blackfish, grouper, or snapper respond better to baits dropped close to the structure to lure out the larger, warier specimens of the species. To trigger the fish’s attack response,  dropping a vertical jig to the bottom and drawing it upward quickly imitates an escaping bait fish.

Deep Sea Fishing Charleston

Charleston offers a wide variety of wrecks, rocks, and reefs, making deep sea fishing Charleston an exciting and challenging experience. When you head out on the well-appointed Wahoo, we’ll set out on an adventure you’ll never forget. We’ll head to the structures experience has taught us provide the most productive fishing and give you options like trolling or bottom fishing, depending on the time of day, the time package you’ve chosen, and your preference. Whether you’re looking for an exciting fight or to fill the cooler and your dinner plate, deep sea fishing Charleston is an experience not to be missed.

Reef Fishing

Reef fishing is a unique experience because reefs, in general, harbor an even larger variety of species and experiences. The larger fish haunt the reefs, seeking the smaller bait fish that hide in the nooks and crannies of the reef. By offering the large fish a bait, you can often lure them into an aggressive strike. When you go out with the Wahoo for reef fishing, you’ll enjoy a day on the water with an experienced captain and crew.