A lot of people get so caught up in the excitement and rush of their first charter fishing trip that they don’t take the time to look into exactly what they should expect. The team at Charleston Fishing Charters can help! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are going charter or deep-sea fishing for the first time.

Patience When Fishing

Charter fishing is just like any other game sport such as hunting and crab or fly fishing. It sometimes takes a while before anything happens. Patience when fishing is just as important as having the proper equipment and bait. Some days you can run into a school or two and get a lot of action and fun catches, other days you can move from spot to spot and just get a few nibbles. As long as you have persistence and patience, you’re sure to catch the fish you’ve had your eye on.

Patience While Fishing

How Often do Fish Bite?

This is something that is entirely up to numerous conditions and variables. The warmth of the water, the time of day, the kind of bait you are using, and the type of fish for which you are fishing are all are factors in determining “How often do fish bite?” The best thing that you and the other sports enthusiasts on your trip can do to increase your chances of getting bites is to look for different kinds of fish. Bring different types of bait and lures. Consult with your professional charter guides on how to best prepare for your trip to get the most out of it.

Am I Guaranteed to Catch a Fish?

An interesting question people sometimes ask is “am I guaranteed to catch a fish?” While that is usually a pretty difficult promise to make, in this case, this answer is actually “yes”. At least as long as you choose one of the half-day, three-quarter day, or full day deep sea charters, that is. You are guaranteed to catch a fish you can eat assuming you take the advice of the tour experts.

There are two main types of fishing when you head out to the deep sea: Trolling and Bottom Fishing. Trolling is a strategy where you fish closer to the top of the water for the bigger and more exciting game such as marlin, mahi, tuna, and sailfish, just to name a few. While you probably won’t catch many of these fish, you will certainly have a lot of fun when you do. Bottom fishing is where you fish on the bottom of the water for things like snapper, sea bass, and grouper, among many others. You don’t get the same thrill or challenge from this type of fishing, but you can get a lot of steady entertainment and delicious fish to enjoy later that evening or the next day.

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