Understanding Offshore Sport fishing, Wreck, and Reef Fishing

Sport fishing Charleston SCGetting into the fishing lifestyle in Charleston, SC comes in a variety of platforms. Knowing the Differences of Offshore Sport fishing, Wreck Fishing, and Reef Fishing is only the beginning of what’s involved in the beautiful open waters. Depending on how far away from shore you choose to go and what mother nature has in store for the day, the type of fishing you’re able to partake in will vary.

To ensure the best fishing experience in Charleston, SC you should know:

Offshore Sport Fishing in Charleston, SC.

If you’re the hands-on type, then this light tackle kind of fishing is probably what you want to get acquainted with. Offshore fishing is considered the crown jewel of this popular sport in the South. You can head out on a specialized speed boat and track down some of the various species that migrate through the crystal waters of Charleston, South Carolina. You can quickly catch tuna, mahi mahi, blue and white marlin. It wouldn’t be surprising if you see some big pelagic fish flashing by while you’re out there in the water, and you’ll like the easy manageability of the light tackle as you haul in your catch!

Wreck and Reef Fishing in Charleston, SC.

Wreck and reef fishing will provide an action-packed expedition for you and your fishing buddies where you will see some impressive and toothy sea species. This type of fishing in Charleston is thought of as one of the most productive ways to fish where you get to use both artificial and live bait. It’s not uncommon to see fishermen using some of the top state-of-the-art fishing machines to pull the catch in like some impressive snapper, cobia, permit, grouper, shark, mackerel, and barracuda!


When you’re offshore fishing, one of the best places to start is with rocks, reefs, and wrecks because these structures deliver a haven for every type of species in the food chain. Fish love to hide from the ocean currents here and it’s our job to help you get them out of hiding!