Tide Tables / Charts and Best Times for Fishing

Fishermen know that at low tide, Charleston SC provides opportunities for some of the largest and most aggressive game fish, but knowing where to fish at both high tide and low tide is the key to hauling in the biggest catch. Targeting species is one place to start. Understanding weather, tide tables, charts and the best times for fishing takes just a little understanding of marine animals’ behaviors.

Low Tide

When the tide either flows in or recedes, it moves both fish and their food. Understanding the underwater

low tide, high tide

low tide Charleston SC

structures and how the movement affects the fish are crucial to knowing when to hit the best fishing spots. That’s where a knowledgeable crew comes in. The captain and crew of the Wahoo have the experience and knowledge of the area to ensure that you’ll have the best shot at the big game fish you’re hoping to catch. During low tide, warmth-seeking species flock to the warmer shallows. This isn’t just because of the slight temperature change- they’re after the food which is more concentrated in the shallower water and easier for them to find. Shallower inshore waters will be more affected by temperature changes, and by tides, of course, than the deeper waters offshore.

High Tide

As the tide moves in, it pushes the food that the game fish are chasing into nooks, alcoves, and against abutments. By fishing with an experienced crew who is familiar with the landscape of the ocean floor, you can be assured you’ll have more opportunities at large game fish as they swarm to the areas where the food sources are concentrated. By targeting species that are known to flock to a specific area during certain tide cycles and times of day, we help give you the most opportunities to get the biggest hits on your line.

Best Fishing Spots

Whether the tide is in or out, knowing which spots are the most productive is key to ensuring the biggest catch. When you go out on the Wahoo, you’ll enjoy your time on the water with a well-appointed yacht containing the latest in technology and comfort, and a captain and crew who know where the fish are and how to help you catch them. Call to schedule your trip today.