Utilizing Large Group Fishing Charters is an excellent way to spend some time on the water without having to worry about docking a boat or providing fuel costs. There is no scarcity of options with Large Group Fishing Charters in Charleston. With such unlimited options, the only thing left is to choose the right charter for you! Here, we have listed the three private yachts and the packages available for offshore group fishing. With the best crew and captains in Charleston and the resources to catch any type of fish, all the three charter boats are capable of offering a lifetime experience.

The Yacht

This boat, the Wahoo, weighs 37 gross tons, and has a height of 48 feet. It is a beautifully designed Yacht that consists of a mahogany interior finish and partitioned with big foldable leather sofa, two dash chairs, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a furnished kitchen, cold air conditioning, satellite television, a bar, and two bar stools. The Wahoo is magnificent. The Wahoo has been visiting the South Florida, Outer Banks, Virginia Beach and Charleston waters for almost 30 years. Her extremely clear prop wash enables for excellent Mahi and billfish sightlines, which implies her robust fishing reputation.

The Beast

Known as the Git R Done, this boat has a length of 58 feet and a weight of 55 gross tons. This beast of a boat gets the job done, designed to withstand the roughest fishing waters. Her flawlessly designed wide, flat stern and lengthy bowlines provide her with the most stable, smooth trip possible. Traversing where many ships cannot, it converts lousy ocean waves into a smooth ride. She has an excellent fishing reputation throughout Virginia and Carolinas. She has cold air conditioning, a bathroom, and four bunk beds. It also boasts equipped kitchen and a salon with two foldable sofas.

The Party

The Teaser 2 weighs 27 gross tons and has a length of 45 feet. Specially made for Large Group Deep Sea Fishing, it is the only fishing vessel inspected by the Coast Guard in three states. It’s also the only one that can accommodate more than six passengers in Charleston. Perfect for large crowds, this boat can accommodate up to 20 people. It has a wide-open cockpit that has cushioned benches outside, allowing all guests to fish at once. It has a room for six people at the cockpit and a room for eight at the air-conditioned salon. It can handle any type of party as well as catch any kind of fish, even those that are quite large.

What Are Our Packages?

Charleston Fishing Charters offers full-day deep-sea fishing, ¾ day deep-sea fishing, and half-day deep-sea fishing.

The full-day deep-sea fishing package includes two types of fishing, Trolling and Bottom Fishing and goes from 5AM to 5PM. For a maximum of 6 passengers, the cost of the charter on the Wahoo is $2,300, and $2,600 for the Git R Done. The full day package using Teaser 2 is $2550 for the first six passengers, and $250 for every additional passenger, for a maximum of 20 people

For the ¾ day deep-sea fishing, the cost for a maximum of 6 people for a 9-hour trip from 6 AM to 3 PM is $1900 for the Wahoo and $2100 for the Git R Done. Guests are also able to get this package with the Teaser 2 for an 8 hour trip from 6 AM to 2 PM, with a maximum of 20 passengers. This package is $1950 for the first six passengers, and $200 for every additional passenger.

Half-day fishing costs for a 5-hour trip are only offered by the Teaser 2 for a maximum of five passengers from 6-11 AM or 12-5 PM is $1550 for the first six passengers and $150 for every additional person.

Ready for your next large group fishing charter? Pick your package of choice and get started.