Learn How To Handle Fish

Getting the large game fish you’ll catch from the Wahoo aboard is just the first step. The thrill of the catch has your handle fishadrenaline pumping and you’re high on the excitement of the fight. Now it’s time to remove the hook and deal with your catch. There are a few steps to keep yourself and everyone on the boat safe. Whether the fish is a keeper headed for the cooler or you plan to release it, you’ll want to get it to its destination without getting injured by a big, strong fish.

Define “Big.”

The fish caught from the Wahoo tend to range in size, from Sea bass that come in at around 5lbs, to giant Marlins that can be in the 300-400lb range. In this discussion, we’ll be talking about fish that range 50-70lbs and above. These large game fish require special handling to land them safely. The Wahoo crew will be on hand to help you every step of the way, but knowing some techniques and tricks ahead of time will help you safely land your big game fish.

The Approach

Again, if you’re not familiar with landing a large fish, the crew is more than happy to give you a hand. Large game fish are surprisingly challenging to bring aboard. If you’re used to in-shore fishing, or fishing from shore, the technique to handle fish for landing is very different. Very-large fish may require a harpoon hook to bring them in, and will almost certainly require a gaff. The preservation of the meat is a prime concern, and with certain species, the possibility of having the fish mounted should be considered as well. The less damage to the fish, the better.


Once you get the fish on board, the crew will assist in getting it to the cooler or dehooking so it can be returned to the water. There will be an opportunity for pictures, and don’t forget that if the weather and conditions allow, we offer video of your most exciting catches. When you sail with the Wahoo crew, you’re getting the full experience, including the landing and preparation of your catch.