Grouper Fishing

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Heading Out For a Grouper Fishing Expedition? Some Tips For You

Grouper fishing can be a lot of fun especially if you have the right equipment, skills and company of expert staff. It is the perfect way to explore the world especially if you have a hankering for big fish and want some fresh dinner food to take back home.

What’s the Grouper Fishing Experience?

Fishing a Grouper can be likened to stepping into a boxing ring with a heavy weight champion. These fish are adapted to ambushing their prey, so they naturally have very powerful strikes.

Once you have hooked one, you have the job of keeping it from getting back down into it’s rocky lair. Normally, you have to drag and pull an unwilling heavy weight up from the depths of the sea. The Grouper isn’t particularly cooperative – it will fight you every inch of the way up.

You need to be on top of your game or the fish will be back in its cave having broken your line. So to prevent this from happening it is essential that first you go out fishing as part of a fishing charter. During such a trip you’ll get all the skills and support needed for a seamless expedition. Moreover, it is always an adventure being out there in the company of experienced mariners.

Some Important Tips

1. Always Use Proper Rigs

Whether you are planning for deep trolling, reef fishing or deep live baiting, you always need to ensure that your rig is giving you maximum chances of catching the fish. The close the knots are to 100% line strength the better. If you’re still learning the art of Grouper fishing, use a three way swivel rig.

2. Heavy Tackle

You might find yourself consistently being broken off and losing fish. For this reason it is ideal to use a heavier tackle. 50 lb test tackle is ideal for beginners. However, 80 lbs and above can give you better ability to catch the fish with less worries about the line snapping.

3. Go With Someone who Knows Where The Fish Are

Although Grouper don’t undergo large-scale migration patterns as King Mackerel do, they often engage in rather unpredictable behavior patterns. For instance, during winter, you would ordinarily expect to find them in inshore waters. However, there are some that hide in deep residential docks and nearshore. Such is the unpredictable nature of Grouper and therefore you need to go out fishing accompanied by somebody who knows where the fish are.

4. Get The Right Bait For The Job

Grouper aren’t typically choosy eaters and will take a variety of bait be it artificial, frozen or fresh. However, with time they seem to be turning a little finicky. In such cases the best thing to do is to use live bait. The fish prefer fresh over frozen. You can use pinfish, cigar minnows, pogies or even pilchards. It’s also advisable to use larger baits.

Why Grouper Fishing Charter?

The fun of fishing Grouper is best experienced on charter. Not only is it a luxurious and expository opportunity it comes with a few benefits as well.

* An Accommodative Environment

Most charter companies accommodate anglers of different skill levels. Moreover, they have the expertise that is necessary to help visiting anglers enjoy the ultimate fishing experience.

* Exceptional fishing tackle

The best way to enjoy a typical fishing escapade is to sample out different methods. One benefit of booking you get a specialized vessel which is suitable for battling the fish of a lifetime. Moreover, you may get to enjoy a custom tackle.

* Experience

Fishing is more of a learning experience to everyone. And the best way to learn is by going outdoors with those who have many years of experience. A good groupie fishing charter provider will have a team of experienced captains who have captured big game sportfish all over the world. Your skill level should not impact your ability to catch the fish provided you learn (and take part in the action) alongside professional mariners.

Saltwater fishing has for many years been an affair full of memorable experiences. However, beyond the fun, it is a worthwhile opportunity to discover the world and learn new things about the sea. It is also an incredible opportunity to interact with skilled mariners who have toured the world and conquered the field of Grouper Fishing.