There is nothing like being on the wide, open sea with a fishing pole in one hand and the bright sun on your face. As the waves rock softly rock the boat, there emerges a feeling of true serenity. And when you reel that first fish in for the day, the happiness that fills the heart can last for days or even weeks.

Many of us have experienced that before and can’t wait to feel it again. If your father or other loved one is a fisherman, there are many gifts you can get including fishing rods, tackle boxes, and other gear. But the most impressive gift of all is the gift of Wahoo!

The Gift of Wahoo!

Charleston Fishing Charters is a company in Charleston, South Carolina that charters fishing expeditions into the deep sea. It all began with a single ship called the Wahoo, a 48-foot ocean yacht full stocked with some of the best amenities including:

The Wahoo! This Winter

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathroom
  • A full kitchen
  • A wrap around couch
  • 2 barrel chairs
  • A 94 square foot cockpit
  • And much more!

For a mere $2,300 per day, the Wahoo is available for rent to individuals and groups of nearly any size. However, if the gift of Wahoo is not enough, Charleston Fishing Charters purchased a second boat called “Git R Done” in 2018. With 4 bedrooms, more furniture, and a much larger cockpit as well as many other amenities, Git R Done can be rented for $2,600 per day.

Fishing Gear for the Fisherman in Your Life

The Gift of Wahoo is one of the best gifts that can be given to a fisherman. However, before going out on the deep sea, it’s important to make sure that all the other tools are taken care of. Whether you’re buying fishing gear for dad or someone else, new fishing rods and cool tackle boxes are two of the best routes to go.

New Fishing Rods

Deep sea fishing will require the right type of fishing rod. First, make sure you buy a rod built for salt water. Freshwater fishing rods just won’t do it once you’re out there in the deep sea. From there, you’re going to need to decide what type of fish you’re trying to catch. This can depend on how far out into the sea you want to go and what type of rod you want to use.

Talking with the experts at Charleston Fishing Charters before going out on the Wahoo is highly recommended. They are skilled fishermen and can point you in the right direction.

Cool Tackle Boxes

Beyond rods, other types of gear are also required on the deep sea. There are rods, reels, line, anglers, hooks, bait, and much more. Gathering all these provisions together is going to be very difficult without the right tackle box. Fortunately, there are many cool tackle boxes available on the market. Some even come pre-packaged with everything needed to go out and catch a big one.

Before buying a pre-packaged tackle box, however, it is always a good idea to make sure the person you’re buying for doesn’t already have the provisions needed for deep sea fishing. If they do, it is recommended to buy a new tackle box that has not yet been filled with the necessities.