Wahoo supposedly got their name when European explorers found them to be plentiful off the coast of Oahu and misnamed them “wahoo.” These fish are a close relative of the king mackerel and while some can grow to be more than 100 pounds, catches come in closer to 10 to 40 pound range off the coast of South Carolina. They are long, sleek creatures of iridescent blue and metallic gray bands, and are one of the fastest fish in the sea.

The Hawaiian word for wahoo is “ono,” which means “good to eat.” But you already know that wahoo fishing yields delicious results. This mild, delicate and flaky fish is perfect for grilling, broiling, blackening, and poaching.

Wahoo Fishing

Fishing for Wahoo

Built like a bullet, wahoo are some of the fastest fish in the sea. This speed, combined with their large razor-sharp teeth and impressive strength, making them a highly sought-after game species by recreational fishermen – second only to the more agile billfish like marlin.

Larger wahoo often travel farther apart, but schools do form when traveling with younger fish that need protection. Like other pelagics, they are often caught via rod and reel or harpoon, and commercially via the longline method in the open ocean. Surface catches occur around floating debris, buoys, banks, and pinnacles because, like other pelagics, they congregate around such features.

How Common are Wahoo in South Carolina?

If you’re interested in fishing for this particular type of fish, you’re bound to wonder “how common are wahoo in South Carolina?” at one point or another. You can catch wahoo any month of the year in SC, as the Gulf Stream waters off the US southeast coast (starting around North Carolina) stay warm enough year-round for tropical and sub-tropical species. Avid anglers know that wahoo becomes far more abundant during the early spring and summer as they follow warm ocean currents up the coast.

Most wahoo caught off the South Carolina coast are less than 4 years old, but local anglers know that it’s not uncommon in spring to hook 80 pounders or more.

Charleston Fishing Charters

Some people try to cut costs by renting smaller boats and traveling alone out to deep water, but fishing charters are a superior way to fish for wahoo. Our Wahoo luxury yacht has been working these waters for over 30 years and our knowledgeable captains will take you straight to the best spots. Plus, larger craft like the 48-foot, 37 gross-ton, air-conditioned Wahoo, offer a stable ride which decreases nausea.

It takes at least an hour and a half to reach the offshore fishing grounds. On the Wahoo, you can maximize this time by enjoying the yacht’s kitchen, satellite TV and stereo, beds, wrap around couch, and three-person cockpit. And remember, wahoo are super-fast and strong. Charleston Fishing Charters are rigged with the best gear and cutting-edge tech, which is clutch when catching these formidable predators.