What Fishing Gear should I Bring Deep Sea Fishing?

What fishing gear should I bring on a deep sea fishing charter trip? This is a frequently asked question. The answer is, it depends. We can give you a brief guide to the best gear to carry on your adventure aboard the Wahoo.

Fishing Charter

Fishing Gear

When you charter your deep sea fishing trip aboard the Wahoo, you’ll find all you need in terms of expertise and skill in finding the biggest and hardest-fighting fish available is already provided. Your captain and crew on the Wahoo fishing charter have years of experience with deep sea fishing, and we put those skills to work for you, taking you to the spots we know are most likely to produce the biggest catches and the hardest fighting fish.


Deep Sea Fishing

When deep sea fishing, remember that you will be out for an entire day. So you’ll want to pack a cooler with whatever food and drinks you’ll want while you’re fishing. Most people don’t eat and drink nearly as much as they think they will while deep sea fishing, but it’s best to come prepared. Remember that temperatures on the water may be quite a few degrees different from shore, especially with a strong breeze. It’s best to have clothing appropriate for the weather. Dress in layers so that you can adjust for comfort throughout the day.

Fishing Gear

It isn’t necessary to bring your own deep sea fishing gear when you board the Wahoo, but if you prefer your own equipment, let us know and we’ll accommodate you. In addition to any gear you may wish to use be sure to bring an additional cooler and ice to pack your catch! There’s plenty of room aboard the Wahoo, and we’ll do our best to help you fill your coolers with fresh, succulent fish.

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