Using Radar to Catch Fish While Deep Sea Fishing in Charleston, SC

Radar to Catch Fish in Charleston, SCAdvancements in radar and other fishing technology have made the sport easier and more rewarding for seasoned fishermen and amateurs alike. Radar stands for Radio Detection and Ranging and uses technology developed in the 1900s to locate fish far out of sight and display them on a screen. Not only can it help you locate fish underwater, some can also show other boats near you.


How Radar Works

Radar measures both the time it takes for a pulsed signal to be reflected back from an appropriate object and its bearing relative to your position. Once the time and bearing are measured, these targets or echoes are calculated and shown on your radar display. It gives you a birds-eye-view of where fish and boats are relative to you, even when there is low visibility or you cannot see them with just your eyes. There are several different types of Radar, but when you’re purchasing one for your boat, here are some things to consider:

  • Boat size. Radars vary in size, so you want to get one that fits the size of your boat.
  • Transmitter power output. Higher power output levels increase the chances that your radar will receive signals reflecting off objects and be better at “punching through” fog and precipitation, allowing you to see objects around your vessel.
  • Beam angle. The longer your antenna is, the narrower the beam angle will be. A narrow beam angle will increase the radar’s bearing resolution, allowing you to discriminate easily between two objects that are close together. It also shows land mass contours and inlets with much greater resolution.
  • Display Preference (CRT vs. LCD). A CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) has high contrast in normal to low light, allowing for bright and clear targets to be shown on the display. CRT radars work best in an environment that is covered or out of direct sunlight. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) units are more compact and usually waterproof. The viewable area of a LCD is actually larger than its CRT counterpart, because it has a flat screen surface. In most cases the view-ability will actually increase in direct sunlight.


Deep Sean Fishing in Charleston, SC

If you want a chance to use radar and navigation to find fish in the deep sea or closer to shore, book your charter today from Fish the Wahoo! You can conveniently choose from our 4 hour, 6 hour, or 12 hour package. Visit us online or call 704-999-6597 for any questions or concerns.