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Dolphin Fishing

During summer Dolphin Fishing is usually a blast in South Carolina along the Atlantic coast. While they are usually caught in large scale in the Gulf of southern pacific, off Hawaii and Mexico, it is US’s S. Eastern coast is more famous for recreational Dolphin Fishing

The Species Identified

When anyone talks about Dolphin Fishing it is mostly the species known by the Hawaiian name as Mahi mahi or as Dorado a pacific coast name. These species are prolific breeders and they grow very fast. Some experts refer to them as rabbits of the Atlantic ocean.

Where do you Fish when Dolphin Fishing?

All dolphins are pelagic. This means they are mobile; they roam the ocean from point to point. They also prefer warmer waters near the gulfstream but they also come closer to the shores occasionally where anyone Dolphin Fishing can catch them. But the main location where anyone can easily catch the fish is in the Gulfstream.

The Requirements for Dolphin Fishing

It is recommended that you have the following items on board when Dolphin Fishing

  • Rods and Reels
  • 30 pound class Trolling rods
  • Matching conventional reels
  • An 80 pound test monofilament or Leaders made from a 50 to 70
    pound test wire. The reason for this wire is that other animals other than dolphins might strike your bait.
  • Hooks for live or dead bait – usually about 6/0 to 7/0
  • Gloves – used for handling a hooked dolphin.
  • Gaff – used for bringing the dolphin on board
  • A 120 quart cooler – this is the smallest size you should take. When you bring the fish on board, it has to be taken to the cooler directly where you have to sit on the lid until it comes down. The fish flopping around on the boats deck can break bones and tackle. Put him or her in the cooler!

Dolphin Fishing Methods

  • Trolling   This method involves the angler trolling some type of bait. Most boats usually troll about 2 different lines on the surface. You can also choose to troll one more line on the down trigger. The speed should be about 4 to 7 knots. This is fast enough for the bait to work properly. A well-functioning bait should be skipping just below and on the surface.
  • Live Baiting   This involves drifting a weed line with a live ballyhoo.

The baits to use

  • Natural Baits-Ballyhoo, Mullet strips – You can get them in bait shops
  • Artificial Baits-There are multiple baits on the market that are all architected to catch dolphins. Most people prefer the Dolphin junior trolling bait. It is easier to deal with and it sometimes out fishes most natural baits.

When do I put my Lines Out?

Dolphins occasionally follow flying fish up to the shores, but are mostly in the stream. You know you have reached the stream when water under your boat is blue and ultra-clear. It is commonly referred to as “blue water” due to its gorgeous, deep and clear blue appearance. When you get here, look for flotsam and weeds. Anything that floats on the water is likely to attract the fish. Most of them use flotsam to shade themselves from direct sunlight. Weed lines on the other hand usually form a long strip that can be multiple miles long. You will likely get several boats trolling along the sides of the weed, just join in and follow the leader carefully.

Always look for Birds!

Always look for sea birds. Gulls and frigates follow dolphins waiting for them to get a bait. You can easily spot several dolphins by looking for a flock of sea birds. Never mind the birds just get your baits out. Large fish will follow other fish like false bonito and albacore and feed with them. During this time, frigate birds should hold a special place in your heart. They usually lock onto and follow a cow or big bull dolphin overhead for several miles waiting for the fish to feed. This means whenever you see a frigate make sure you stay with it for a while. This is where you are likely to catch the big dolphin.

Bottom Line

While it is important to have a Dolphin Fishing Charter for you to catch any type of dolphin, they are one of the easiest blue water species to catch. You do not need heavy duty tackle equipment, and the fish are most of the time very eager to take your bait. It does not matter whether you have presented it in the right or wrong way. Dolphins cooperate and they will make you look good at Dolphin fishing even when you are not!