Tips for a Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat Beginner

Going deep sea fishing for the first time? Deep sea fish tend to be far larger and more aggressive than you may be used to catching inshore. Luckily the Wahoo crew is experienced and prepared to help you enjoy your day on the water.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing varies from inshore and freshwater fishing in several ways. First, of course, is the size of the boat and the size of Deep Sea Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing Boats, Deep Sea Fishthe tackle. We do everything bigger on the open water. The tackle is heavier to deal with the larger, more aggressive salt water species you’ll be going after. It’s otherwise much the same as what you’re used to with the addition of things like a harness to help you hold on to your pole when you catch a big marlin or shark. Fighting deep sea fish can be challenging, but the Wahoo crew will be on hand to assist in any way.


Deep Sea Fish

Deep sea fish range from the relatively diminutive sea bass and sheepshead to monsters like Marlin, shark, and large tuna. We’ll be going out after big fish, and you won’t be disappointed, whether you’re looking for a trophy to hang on your wall or to fill your cooler and your plate with succulent fresh tuna. No matter if you go out for the half day, full day, or overnight fishing trip, you’re sure to enjoy your time on the water. After all a bad day on the water beats a good day on shore any day!

Deep Sea Fishing Boats

Due to the elements we sail in, deep sea fishing boats are by necessity larger and sturdier than what you may be used to. No one takes a rowboat out onto the waves, unless they’re keen on meeting Davy Jones. When you fish with the Wahoo crew, you’ll ride out in the well appointed 48 foot yacht, the Wahoo. Travel in style, enjoying the satellite television and radio, or come on deck and talk to the crew. Whether it’s your first time out or your 100th, we’re here to help ensure you enjoy your day of deep sea fishing with the Wahoo.