What Bait is Used by Fishing Charters

common bait - Charleston scOne debate that has existed for centuries amongst the men at sea, is whether or not the best way to fish is by using bait or lures. Every fisherman in Charleston has an opinion on which works best for them but more times than not, bait wins. It could be viewed as a personal choice, but it’s nearly impossible to deny that using something that was once alive (or still is) will be more efficient than using a piece of spinning and noisy metal. Fishermen that use lures usually add something to the tip of their hooks to entice the fish to come to them because the smell will help attract fish who are hungry and ready to bite on just about anything. Let’s review some of the most Common Bait Used by Fishing Charters in Charleston!


General Bait Types


In terms of bait fishing, there are two general types of bait available (excluding artificial bait). Your two options are live bait or dead bait. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, the part that may seem complicated is knowing when to use each type of bait or which of the two is more effective.


Deciding whether or not live bait is better than dead bait for fishing charters in Charleston depends on the type of fish you’re aiming to catch. Every fish has their own preference when it comes to what they want to bite on. Some love moving bait while others prefer to snack on something that seems still and lingering in the water. Just like everything else that has to do with fishing, technique plays a role in how good of a catch you’ll get too. If your technique isn’t sharp, it can negatively affect your catch rate.


Advantages of Live Bait


The great thing about using live bait is when you’re out fishing in Charleston, you’ll get all the great movement that attracts the fish. Additionally, predator fish are known to prey on the weak so using wounded fish (they become injured when you hook them to your rig) as live bait will increase your chances of getting a good catch. Fish have sensors on their lateral lines that help them sense movement and vibrations in the water, and since the wounded fish move around a lot…bingo!


Advantages of Dead Bait


You can never go wrong with having some dead bait when you’re fishing in Charleston. It’s generally easy to find just about anywhere, and you can mix the type of bait you use so that you’re not limited when you’re out in the water. You can even try pre-rigging your bait which will save you a ton of time on the boat. The added advantage of using dead bait is that it starts to leak blood into the water which leaves a scent that attracts hungry predators for you to hone in on.