Deep sea fishing can be a fun, enjoyable way to spend the day out on the water doing what you love – catching fish! But even the best fisherman won’t be able to catch “the big one” without the right gear. Here at Wahoo Fishing Charter of Charleston, SC we supply you with all the tools you’ll need, including rod and reels. If you want to bring your own deep-sea fishing rods and reels, it is important to know which options are the best.

Understanding the Parts of Your Fishing Rod

The best way to get the right rod for your wants and needs is to consider the different and unique parts that combine to make a fishing rod efficient and easy to use. Here are the key parts you should consider when choosing your rod for deep sea fishing:

Rod or blank: This is the main pole and it can come in different materials and a number of lengths, with deep sea rods being longer and sturdier than freshwater ones.

Grips: This is the part at the end of the rod that usually has a foam or cushioned grip and is where your hands go when you are holding onto your rod while fishing.

Guides: The small metal loops along the rod, often made of steel or aluminum, that are attached to the rod and guide your fishing line along the length of the rod.

Tip-top: The tip of the pole and the last guide at the end of the rod, this piece is unique as it has a special sleeve to protect the rods’ tip from rubbing and damage while fishing

Reel seat: This is where the reel will be mounted and it is important to note that most of the saltwater rods made today will have an anodized finish to protect it from corrosion.

Butt: The bottom and thickest end of the rod, this is where the grip and reel seat are found, and saltwater butts are wider and longer to give room for two hands as needed.

The Common Types of Reels

Baitcasting reel

A baitcasting reel can be mounted over the rod and allows for casts that are smooth and on target, even at longer distances. They are the ideal choice for heavy line and lures and are commonly used for with offshore fishing as well as onshore fishing.

Conventional reel

Conventional reels also go by the name of “trolling” reels and are specially made to accommodate offshore trolling and deep-sea fishing. They generally present a higher weight range and can also come with enhanced features for deep sea fishing.

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